Threekend: 6/22/18

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The weekend is almost upon us, so it’s time to bring on The Threekend. You can find more cool local music options on this site’s calendar, but here, The Ghost will highlight his top three picks.  Note: although these are my top choices, these aren’t ranked in any specific order.  Heck, it’s challenging enough to pick a top three; don’t make me think any harder than that.

The Venetian Sailors/Tim Spitzer and the Handsome Strangers (Six Springs Tavern, Friday)
The Venetian Sailors are certainly one of the more unique bands in the metroplex. The band does not clearly fit in one specific genre, but hops around stylistically like an ADHD kangaroo. Lead singer Robbie Saunders keeps the band’s sounds fresh and quirky without veering into the kitschy. Their shows are quite a bundle of fun. Speaking of fun, Tim Spitzer and the Handsome Strangers’ song “If You’re So Great” is an enjoyable and witty bit of power pop. While the pairing of acts may not seem an obvious fit, it should still prove to be an entertaining night of music.

Dead Flowers/Go Imperial/Crooked Bones (Double-Wide, Saturday)
Corey Howe has managed to create one of the strongest crowd-pleasing acts of the 2010’s with Dead Flowers. Their formula is nothing new; straight ahead rock and roll, with a slight hint of Texas twang thrown in. Heck, if The Replacements got their start in Texas instead of Minnesota, the difference between the bands would nearly be indistinguishable. Also on the bill is Go Imperial, featuring a stellar cast of musicians, including former members of Black Tie Dynasty, Macavity, and Dead Twins, just to name a few acts on their collective resume. Based on the previously mentioned acts, it seems like Go Imperial is likely to exist in a different end of the rock sprectrum from Dead Flowers. But while the two acts may be not sound similar, I suspect they’ll at least the well matched in intensity of rock.

Miss Marcy and The SugarDaddys (Twilite Lounge, Saturday)
There’s a certain irony to the fact that a blog named after an icon of the blues spends little time discussing that genre. The Ghost does not get out to blues shows as often as he probably should. One that I recently got turned on to was Miss Marcy, who puts on one of the most entertaining and fun shows of any genre. On a separate note, I suspect her music will be complemented nicely by Twilite’s irish coffees.


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