Threekend: 6/29/18

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Photos by (in order from left to right): Barbara Brands, Bret Redman, Melanie Little Gomez)

Hmmm… seems that the calendar could use a little updating.  The Ghost will work on that this weekend.  Really.  Right now, there are more pressing priorities, such as determining what the best shows to see are this weekend.  There are more selections in the calendar (which still needs updating), but these are The Ghost’s three favorite shows this Threekend.

Claire Morales (Album Release Show)/Daniel Markham (solo)/Francine Thirteen (Friday, Dan’s Silverleaf)
It’s a path followed by many female artists in the area: start your career with a more folk, singer-songwriter based sound, then evolve into a sound that is full on pop, rock, or indie. The path has been followed by Sarah Jaffe and Jessie Frye to name a few, and Claire Morales (above, right) can add her name to the list. In both of those cases, it took some time for me to adapt to their changing styles. There’s something about Ms. Morales’ album, All That Wanting, that required no adjustment period for me.  In its own way, the album is still that of a singer-songwriter at its core.  Yes, there is plenty of lush, sonically pleasing instrumentation surrounding these tracks, but the album is simply the perfectly logical next step in Ms. Morales’ career.  Also on the bill is Daniel Markham, performing in acoustic mode, and Francine Thirteen, who is equally adept at storytelling and performing.

Local Education Fest IV (Saturday, Three Links)
When The Ghost grows up, he wants to be Jeffrey Brown, the man behind King Camel.  Actually, that’s a flawed statement, because to grow up would be to miss the essence of Mr. Brown.  He is one of the most fun individuals to hang with in the metroplex, and one who always livens up a concert.  That’s not to say that Brown isn’t a professional; there is no curator of local music The Ghost trusts more than Mr. Brown.  He’ll take over Three Links this Saturday with his fourth installment of Local Education, featuring a lineup every bit as strong as one would expect from him.  Son of Stan is certainly the most well known name on the lineup, though don’t be surprised if Loafers (above, center) steal the show with a set that is the perfect balance of musicianship and chaos.  Also, Poppy Xander will be performing with her chamber orchestra, and there’s even more musical goodness to mention.

Girls’ Night Out (Saturday, Opening Bell Coffee)
I’m going to try not to mention Emmeline in this article.  The Ghost raves about her on a regular basis, and it might be tempting to say that she is the reason to attend this showcase.  A reason, yes.  THE reason?  Not really.  For starters, Karyna Micaela (above, left) has been hard at work on an album that I feel will capture her strengths as a musician even better than her debut EP, Everyday Surprises.  Also on the bill is Christine Hand, whose tender and emotive vocals on tracks like “You’re Not Alone” and “Glorious Texas Spring” have been tugging at The Ghost’s heartstrings.  Phoenix Hart, whose local performances are few and far between, will also grace the Opening Bell stage.  Rounding out the bill are some up-and-coming female acts like Penny and Dime and Worth LaRue.  The lineup may be all female, but audience members of both genders should be equally able to appreciate the talent that will grace OBC Saturday Night.

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