The Ghost’s 7-11 Celebration

The Ghosts 7-11 pt 1
Poster created by: Rebekah Elizabeth

You may be wondering why The Ghost feels compelled to celebrate a convenience store.  Granted, it originated in Dallas, but this is a music blog and not a convenience store blog.  Perhaps an explanation of the name is in order.

Ghost of Blind Lemon debuted August 1, 2007.  The beginning of August will mark eleven years since this endeavor was launched.  In a town where change is the only constant in the music scene, it feels like this anniversary is worth celebrating.  So in honor of this anniversary, I’ve assembled two lineups with a combined total of seven acts performing.  Seven acts celebrating eleven years of blogging: hence the name The 7-11 celebration.

The celebration begins August 4th around 6 pm at Spinster Records, where Megan Storie and Jacob Furr will be performing brief acoustic sets, followed by full on rock spectacles by Mean Motor Scooter and Meach Pango.  It’s also worth mentioning that MMS member Rebekah Elizabeth is responsible for the poster artwork for the first part of the 7-11 celebration.  Spinster will not have a no cover charge, leaving you with plenty of dough to buy records, as well as cash for the next part of the evening.  Afterwards, you’ll want to zip over to Double-Wide, where Sunbuzzed, Corner Suns, and Caved Mountains will complete this day of great music.  You can order your tickets in advance, which The Ghost would recommend you do.

Thank heavens for The Ghost’s 7-11!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist something so cheesy.

Ghosts 7-11 pt 1

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