Monday Mixteen: 7/16/18

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There’s a lot that The Ghost doesn’t like about the summer: the heat, the wasps, the heat… did I mention I don’t like the heat?  One part of summer that The Ghost does like, however, is Free Week at Granada Theater.  For the course of about four days, the venue will host great local and Texas bands without charging a cover.  Sure, you can pay $5 to guarantee entry (and get a complimentary beer on the house), or even spend $20 on a reserved seat, but all that’s optional.  In reality, you don’t have to pay a dime to get in and see some great bands.  Besides, that saves money for other things… like adult beverages.

The Ghost felt moved by Granada’s “free” spirited ways, and created this playlist as a nod to their free week.  Yes, this playlist doesn’t cost you any money to listen to, I realize that.  What you may not have known, however, is that you can get every track off of this playlist free of charge.  That’s right.  Every one of these tracks can be downloaded absolutely free of charge.  The Ghost will add a hyperlink to each artist that will direct you to the free music.  Well, except for the final track, which is being hosted right here on this page during free week.

Of course, The Ghost does recommended supporting these artists financially.  Through most of the sites, you can donate to the artists.  And then there’s The Ghost’s favorite method of supporting artists: seeing them live.  So listen, download if you feel compelled to do so, and support local music!

  1. Upsetting, “Spring Break”
  2. Motorcade, “Desertion”
  3. Katsük, “(The Joy of Creating) Nothing at All”
  4. Static Diary, “Phrase from Business”
  5. Tilly and the Flowers, “Charlatan”
  6. Christina Cavazos, “Forever”
  7. Shakey Graves, “Kids These Days”
  8. Mountain Natives, “Little Strand of Moon”
  9. Caved Mountains, “Rudder”
  10. M’Lynn, “Gave All My Love to You”
  11. No Wave, “Just the Sex”
  12. Richard Gilbert, “I’ll Never Give Up on Love”
  13. That Dog Don’t Hunt, “Soho Hurry”
  14. Alejandro Escovedo, “I Was Drunk”
  15. Jesse Gage, “Captain or the Whale”
  16. Chilldren of Indigo, “In the City”
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