VW (Video Wednesday): 7/25/18

Volkswagen 20180725

It’s been awhile, but I think it’s time to bring the VW out of the garage and give her a ride, don’t you think? That’s right, Video Wednesday is back out on the road, so watch out! Or more to the point, watch these videos.

First off is the latest video from Ansley. While the track “Lucky Smoke” was released last year, there is now a music video for the song that is now available on her full length album, Rituals. The video shows Ansley in a where everything goes from bad to worse: broken heels, car troubles, dropped ice break, and getting robbed by a bum (played nicely by Tony Diaz) are among the mishaps. It’s the perfect video to watch on one of your rotten, everything’s going wrong kind of days. Between Ansley’s gorgeous voice and the video, it’ll turn your day around.

The Ghost will be featuring a new song by Jared Shanklin and The Lineage on tonight’s radio show. That song, “The Warrant (Part II)”, is a straight ahead, fun, rock and roll number. The video below, “Taxi”, is more of a rap-rock hybrid, and The Ghost confesses it took him more than a few listens to get the track. The video, on the other hand, is pretty easy to enjoy the first time around. Lots of nicely edited footage of clumsy people as well as Robert DeNiro from Taxi Driver. Obviously.

Brian Lambert recently shared a video for a new song of his, “She Gets Me.” The video itself is just a simple DIY style acoustic recording. The song itself is the true star of this video.

Finally, I received an email last night courtesy of Austin band Tennessee Stiffs. They’ll be releasing their album, Thirty Pieces, next month. They’re celebrating their album release party in Austin with GOBL favorite The Cover Letter, as well as Big State. Alas, the band has no Dallas dates on their tour schedule, so you’ll just have to settle for watching their video for “Maggie’s Song.” I’m not sure who’s responsible for the direction or cinematography on this video, but I love the grainy, black and white look of this video. Good stuff.

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