Where The Ghost Will Be: 11/24/2018

Emmeline Rise Photo
Photo by: Courtney Joy

Not counting yesterday’s recap of Ghosty winners, it’s been almost two months since my last post. It’s also been almost six months since the last “Where The Ghost Will Be” segment. That may seem like a long time, but it really isn’t. You know what’s a long time? Five years. That’s the length of time that fans of Emmeline have been waiting for Rise, her first full length release.

For such a wait, it seemed only fitting that The Ghost take a moment to observe this special event.  Emmeline has been a long time favorite on this blog.  She has evolved from an up and coming performer to one of the area’s strongest singer-songwriters.  Not only is she masterful at telling stories through song, but her on-stage storytelling between songs is perhaps unparalleled in the area.

As for the songs in Rise, the album tells a story of triumph in difficult times.  Yes, there are plenty of sad moments in the course of the album.  The upbeat tempo of “If You Can’t Love Me” hides a definite sadness in the lyrics.  “Orlando”, inspired by the Orlando night club shooting in June 2016, is certainly not without a heavy sense of sadness in most verses.  But even through the sadness, most of these songs include a silver lining with every cloud.  That’s what makes these songs so powerful; the sense of optimism that permeates these songs never ignores sad realities.  She shows reason that one should, to paraphrase one of her lines, “have faith that there is something more.”

I would predict that Emmeline will be playing all the songs from Rise, as well as some other favorites from her previous EP.  The show is billed as Emmeline and Friends, so expect to see many staples of the local singer-songwriter scene on stage with her.  The event begins at 8 PM at Opening Bell Coffee.  Join in for what is bound to be a very special and memorable evening.

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