Monday Mixteen: 11/26/2018

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John Lennon said that life is what happens when we’re busy making plans.  All too often The Ghost’s plans have a way of getting derailed by life.  I make no promises that this sudden burst of productivity is a trend rather than a fluke.  Here’s what I will say; The Ghost has missed this.  I’ve missed the writing, the playlist, and most importantly, the music and musicians.  There are so many great talents (and great people) that are a part of this music community.  It feels good to be more connected with that aspect of my life.

So here I go again with another Monday Mixteen.  Since I haven’t kept up with new local and Texas music to the extent I normally do, this playlist is sort of a “catch up” playlist.  It’s catching y’all up with what I’ve been listening to, but it also acts as a way of catching me up with some great tunes that I’ve been sleeping on.  Truth is, these Monday Mixteens are often as much a way of informing myself of new music as they are for education the readers.  So let’s take a listen to this playlist and just reflect on how lucky we are to live in a state (and more specifically, this metroplex of DFW) with so much great music.

  1. Devi, “It’s Devi Bitch”
    Don’t let the title fool you. Devi is not looking to be the next Britney Spears cookie cutter pop heroine, but rather a contemporary of ambitious synth based female musicians like Sudie and Rat Rios. The boldness of the track, however, is a proclamation of an artist whose music demands to be listened to and respected.
  2. Svenny Baby!, “Broken Disco”
    After years of listening to Svenny Baby! from afar, I finally got to meet lead singer Victor Toruno when he played in Emmeline’s band Saturday for her CD release (BTW, how long until Rise makes it to Spotify?) He’s a nice fellow, and his band’s latest release, Voyager, might be his strongest release to date.
  3. Jade Nickol, “Best Friends”
    I’ve been seeing Jade Nickol’s name around a lot, with recommendations by many artists I trust (Meia, Droo D’Anna). There’s a very likable quality to this song, and I think she will be an artist to watch.
  4. Cliffs and Caves, “Defiance”
    I’ve been bombarded with emails and requests to listen to music, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it all. So sometimes it may take me a month or so to even get around to listening to tracks sent to me. Please be patient, as I try to listen to all requests. This is a track by a Houston based band that contacted me early in October, and I’m just now getting to shine a spotlight on.
  5. Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5, “The Sun Won’t Rise Today”
    I’ve seen the name of Mr. Lewis around for what seems an eternity, and I’m just now taking the time to listen. And I’m sorry I haven’t listened sooner. Very, very, very, VERY sorry.
  6. Sub-Sahara, “Siberia”
    This sounds like a typical Sub-Sahara song. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.
  7. Atlantis Aquarius, “Deja Vudoo”
    This song isn’t as immediately catchy as most of the tracks from their Nibirian Sun EP, but it stills has an intriguing vibe that makes me curious what else Atlantis Aquarius has up its sleeve.
  8. Becky Middleton, “The Save”
    Because I’d be remiss if I didn’t “save” a spot for Ms. Middleton.
  9. Quaker City Night Hawks, “Suit in the Back”
    There’s a different vibe to this QCNH track. Perhaps it’s the more sultry beat. Perhaps it’s just that isn’t as much of a straight ahead rocker as their other tunes. Either way, it’s still a winner.
  10. Chillamundo, “Paper Airplane”
    Just your not-so-average indie rock here.
  11. Sweet Chaos, “Again and Again”
    These young ladies bring the rock like it’s 1989. It’s not indie-hipster, it’s not post-modern, it’s not neo-post-psychedelic-core-wave, it’s straight ahead rock and roll that is meant to be played loud. Thank you, Sweet Chaos, for reminding us that not only the kids still wanna rock, but that you can rock.
  12. Trauma Ray, “Solstice”
    I can safely that during the time I’ve been away from the blog, there is no band I’ve listened to more than Trauma Ray. Their equal parts blend of beauty and brutality is everything that shoegaze should be. Even though the band is new to the scene, they’re making a strong argument for the title of best local shoegaze band ever. True Widow, keep one eye open while you sleep.
  13. Thieves of Sunrise, “Mama Needs Her Shuga”
    I’m not sure if this is the best southern rock local track of the year, but damned if it isn’t one of the most fun.
  14. Jaimee Harris, “Depressive State”
    I’ve known that Ms. Harris had the potential for something big since her teenage years. She’s all grown now, and “Depressive State” is but one piece of evidence that shows the singer has cashed in on that potential.
  15. Dead Flowers, “Bruised Not Broken”
    This is the second of two new Dead Flowers singles this year. While melodically I’d say the Replacements-esque “We’re Not Satisfied” is the catchiest, “Bruised Not Broken” may lyrically be the band’s best song to date.
  16. Brian Lambert, “Not Built to Break”
    Mr. Lambert showed his fun side with “The Ballad of Tony Romo”, and “Blood” is sonically the most interesting track he’s recorded. But at the end of the day, nothing beats a simple, well written song delivered with sincerity. Kudos to you, Brian.
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