Monday Mixteen: 12/3/18

Monday Mixteen 20181203

It’s that time of year when the days get shorter and shorter.  While the daylight hours may be lessening, the holiday season makes it feel more eventful and often stressful.  Simply put, there’s more to do with shorter days.  The Ghost understands that time is at a premium.  Today’s Monday Mixteen is the shortest one to date.  The standard number of songs, sixteen, remains the same.  What’s different is the running time of this playlist.  All the songs featured here clock in at under two and a half minutes.  This means you can finish the playlist in under forty minutes.  You can spare forty minutes for local music, right?

  1. Loafers, “Formaldehyde”
    The Ghost cannot think of a local band better at the short song than Loafers. Each track is a mini powerhouse of energy and rock. Oh, and the live sets rule too.
  2. The Reverend Horton Heat, “Perfect”
    The Rev is back with his gazillionth album. Not really, but The Ghost isn’t up to counting that high right now.
  3. Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers, “Juju Boo Bunny”
    I’ve had a number of friends rave about this band. While I still need to see them live to get the full effect I imagine, their new album Love Is Blood is a solid mesh of rock and blues.
  4. Daisy O’Connor, “Xmas Cowboy”
    It’s after Thanksgiving, so playing holiday music is now acceptable.
  5. Devi, “It’s Devi Bitch”
    Word is there’s a new Devi track coming out this week. In the meantime, enjoy her debut single.
  6. Chilldren of Indigo, “In the City”
    These guys slayed at the DOMA showcases. I’d have no issue if they added a DOMA to keep company with all their Ghosty Awards.
  7. Mean Motor Scooter, “Come and Get It”
    I have nothing new to say about MMS. They still rock. Hard. That is all.
  8. Daniel Markham, “I’ll See You in Hell”
    Here’s a little track to cheer you up this Monday. Or not.
  9. Scratch Acid, “Cannibal”
    I never learned of Scratch Acid when they were together, and the truth is, younger me probably wouldn’t have dug them. They would have been too loud and abrasive at the time. Now that I’ve grown up, my musical tastes have matured to a place where I can appreciate the fine sound of “Cannibal.” Wait, that all sounds backwards…
  10. Upsetting, “Restraining Order”
    Surprisingly, there’s only one song off of their album Everything I’ve Done So Far that is under the 2:30 mark.
  11. Rakim Al-Jabbaar, “The Antidote”
    I definitely regret catching only the tail end of Rakim’s set at the DOMA showcase. Apparently, elements of rock and blues are incorporated into his live set, along with the hip-hop one would already expect.
  12. Jack Barksdale, “Revival Song, No. 1”
    At a mere eleven years of age, Jack’s voice doesn’t have that weathered vocal that one would expect in a blues track. Given time, I would imagine his voice will grow into the blues. His fingers are already adept at playing the blues, as you can hear in this instrumental.
  13. Charley Crockett, “Goin’ Back to Texas”
    Because I always can make room in my playlist for a Charley Crockett song. And a song about Texas. Two birds, one stone.
  14. Lorelei K, “Broke the Mirror”
    Almost every year at the DOMA showcase, there’s one act whose set I get sucked into for far longer than I anticipated. That’s a reaction I’ve had previously with True Widow and Bobby Sessions, and now I shall add Lorelei K to that list. She is a definite vocal powerhouse, and her stage presence, though simple, is undeniable. She didn’t play my favorite track, “Lavender Hue”, but that’s alright, because everything else was just that amazing.
  15. Chillamundo, “Reanimator”
    Chillamundo’s sound is definitely unique, to say the least. It does, though, make for a very interesting listen.
  16. Andrew Delaney, “Scattered”
    I have to confess I haven’t spent the amount of time listening to Whatever Still Remains as I did to last year’s The Escape Artist. While The Escape Artist remains my favorite album of his, there are plenty of tracks on the new album that highlight his storytelling abilities, such as on this lovely and uniquely sentimental album closer.
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