Monday Mixteen: 1/14/19

Monday Mixteen 20180114

You may notice that the songs in the below playlist are in the alternating order of the letters S & M. Yes, The Ghost realizes that this theme may be rather controversial. I could have easily shied away from it, but it seems pointless to try to hide one’s deepest desires. Several readers will find it offensive, giving into one’s basest cravings. Yet if we dare to look in the mirror, we realize that this is a desire shared by many. There should be no shame in discussing this topic, and I for one feel no shame.

You see, as a blogger, I would love to find some sponsors for the blog. I’d also welcome some marketing advice, which might even lead to The Ghost earning some cash. Yes, there’s no shame in a blogger yearning for Sponsorship & Marketing, or even Sponsorship & Money. So if you’d be interested in either being a blog sponsor, or offering marketing advice, Talk to the Ghost. He’s down for some some Sponsorship & Money.

Wait, what did you think I meant when I said S&M?

  • “Senses”, Devi
  • “Making Me Nervous”, Vodeo
  • “Sunshine”, Blushing
  • “Morning Light”, Mr. Breakfast
  • “Sometimes”, Jenna Clark
  • “Mediocre”, Svenny Baby!
  • “Shine on Me”, Taylor Young
  • “Movement”, Monoculture
  • “Siberia”, Sub-Sahara
  • “Maslow”, Brigitte Mena
  • “Shut It Down”, Xuan
  • “Merry Go Round”, Tippy Balady
  • “Start Fighting”, War Party
  • “Midnight”, Andrew Delaney
  • “Solstice”, Trauma Ray
  • “Michael”, Matthew McNeal
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