Monday Mixteen: 1/7/2019

Monday Mixteen 20180107

Happy new year to all my GOBL readers.  It’s time for the first Monday Mixteen of 2019.  It feels like it should be an opportunity to explore the future of new music.  I learned, however, that January 7th is Old Rock Day.  It only seems appropriate that we examine some old rock.  The term old is rather subjective, but I’m going to say that any song that is old enough to legally viewed as an adult (18) is an old song.  So here’s our little trip down memory lane…

  1. Pop Poppins, “I Wanna Be Your Lover”
  2. Course of Empire, “Coming of the Century”
  3. Captain Audio, “Star”
  4. Butthole Surfers, “Human Cannonball”
  5. Nervebreakers, “My Girlfriend Is a Rock”
  6. Slobberbone, “Barrel Chested”
  7. Poi Dog Pondering, “Jack Ass Ginger”
  8. centro-matic, “The Massacre Went Well”
  9. Tripping Daisy, “Blown Away”
  10. Adam’s Farm, “Was Wet”
  11. Old 97’s, “Doreen”
  12. Doosu, “Louisiana House Fire, Mid 1950’s”
  13. Bloodrock, “Double Cross”
  14. Brutal Juice, “Eastern Cat”
  15. Spot, “Moon June Spoon”
  16. The Deathray Davies, “Clever Found a Name”

So there you go, The Ghost’s celebration of Old Rock Day.  Wait, Old Rock Day is a celebration of ancient stones and not music?  Oh great, NOW you tell me.

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