Jayson Wortham

Dove Hunter live
From left to right: Chad DeAtley, Quincy Holloway, and Jayson Wortham of Dove Hunter

One of the bands that made an intense impact on The Ghost during the early days of blogging was Dove Hunter. There was an intensity and drama to their set that made them stand out as one of the best local bands of the time period. One track of theirs that especially hit me hard was “What Turns Inside”. The slow intro with Jayson Wortham’s almost whispery vocals might deceive the listener into thinking it might be a calm, soothing track. That’s until the percussion of Quincy Holloway hits, sending a surge of electricity into both the track and the listener.

Dove Hunter went on an “indefinite hiatus” several years back, and tragically to say, that hiatus appears to be permanent. Last year, lead vocalist Jayson Wortham was diagnosed with lymphoma. Word has spread through Facebook that Mr. Wortham lost his battle with this disease. The Ghost sends his condolences to the family of Jayson, as well as the bandmates and fans whose lives he touched.

I leave you with a video of Wortham and Dove Hunter rocking out on “What Turns Inside”, as well as the J Lloyd solo album that Wortham released on Bandcamp earlier this year. The Bandcamp page states that the proceeds will help the family through the cancer battle, and while Wortham is no longer with us, I have no doubt his family will need the financial support from leftover bills and funeral expenses.

And thank you, Jayson, for your musical and physical presence in this world.

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