Monday Mixteen: 4/1/19

Monday Mixteen 20190401

You may be aware that this weekend is the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, and that Deep Ellum Radio has its own Artist’s Court Stage this year. You might have even heard that The Ghost is curating his own day’s worth of music on said stage. So yes, this is gonna be a good year for the festival.

Still, maybe you don’t want to go to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. Perhaps you don’t deal well with really large crowds. It’s also possible that you might get visually overstimulated quite easily. Who knows, maybe you’re a grumpy reporter who just likes complaining. Oops, did I say that last part out loud?

No worries, The Ghost has you covered. Today’s Monday Mixteen highlights sixteen different local music events you can attend that are not the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. Though really, you oughtta come out to the festival and say hi to The Ghost and the rest of the Deep Ellum Radio crew.

  1. Charley Crockett, “How Low Can You Go”
    If any local music event has the potential to outshine the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, it would be the return of Charley Crockett at The Kessler Theater.  It’s such a big deal that he’ll headline the venue both Friday and Saturday night.
  2. Mitchell Ferguson, “Groove”
    Mr. Ferguson will play Saturday evening (7:45 pm) at Adair’s Saloon.  He’ll likely be jamming out to several tracks from his new EP, Making Sound.  You know, Adair’s is in Deep Ellum, which means you could check out some of the festival and then see Mitchell perform.  Just sayin’…
  3. Son of Stan, “Diamond Cut”
    Some of you Funkytowners may not feel like taking the long drive to Dallas for the Deep Ellum Arts Festival.  That’s no problem, as there are plenty of great shows for you to catch in Fort Worth.  Exhibit A: Son of Stan is having their EP release show for Diamonds Cuts at Twilite Lounge in Fort Worth, with Taylor Young accompanying them on the bill.
  4. Frankie Leonie, “Taking All the Good Out of the Bye”
    Exhibit B in the case to be in Fort Worth: Ms. Leonie will play Saturday night at Magnolia Motor Lounge.
  5. Trauma Ray, “Relay”
    Exhibit C: Trauma Ray performs Friday night at Lola’s alongwith Snoozy Moon, Siamese Hips, and Sharpy.  Apparently the bill needed an act that didn’t start with an S.
  6. Polydogs, “Aimlessly”
    Exhibit D: Matt Tedder’s new band Polydogs is holding their CD release show Saturday night at Shipping & Receiving.   The Greyhounds and Cody Lynn Boyd round out the bill.  Alright, Fort Worth, you can quit rubbing Dallas’ nose in the fact of how awesome your music scene is.
  7. Hightower, “Phantom Pains”
    Although Hightower is a Fort Worth band, they’ll be bringing their blend of blues and pop to Pecan Lodge Saturday evening at 6:30 pm.  Good music, good food, and not too far from the Deep Ellum Arts Festival.  Not that I’m trying to pressure you to come or anything…
  8. Ellen and Dean, “Perfect Bliss”
    This indie folkish duo will be celebrating the release of their EP, A Long Way, at Backyard on Bell this Friday night.  Because Denton needs some local music love too.
  9. From Parts Unknown, “Ashtrays”
    If you’re needing a high energy rock band with a heavy dose of twang, look no further than From Parts Unknown’s show this Saturday’s at Three Links.
  10. Trees Marie and the Heavy Hearts, “Southern Woman’s Daughter”
    My vote for the oddest lineup of the weekend goes to Wit’s End show this Saturday night.   Actually, much of the lineup flows reasonably well: Trees Marie works well with folk singer John Earle Mainord, and Spencer Douglas Wharton’s more singer-songwriter work still meshes well with Trees Marie’s country rock vibe.  But really, explain how Samus David Jr. fits on this bill.  Anyone?
  11. American Werewolf Academy, “Beauty & Youth Are Wasted on the Dead”
    Show off your beauty and youth (or lack thereof) Friday night at Andy’s Bar when American Werewolf Academy plays alongside Chicago band North by North and Denton singer-songwriter Megan Storie, whose vocals are so beautiful it almost hurts.
  12. The Gawd Almighties, “Easy on the Rock N’ Roll”
    Even though The Ghost resides in the Northern Dallas area, he’s yet to make it out to a show at Six Springs Tavern.  Will the trend be broken this Friday when The Gawd Almighties take the stage?  Alas, probably not.  Doesn’t mean it isn’t a good show though.
  13. Kyoto Lo-Fi, “Godot”
    You can wait for the band to play “Godot” Saturday night at Division Brewing.  Escatones, Cornish Game Hen, and The Prof.Fuzz 63 round out the lineup.
  14. Ellen Once Again, “Technicolor”
    I know what you’re thinking.  Ghost, you’re supposed to be spotlighting acts that are NOT playing the festival.  True, Ellen Once Again does take the Deep Ellum Radio Artist’s Court Stage Saturday at noon.  But she’s also performing later that day at McCall Plaza in Downtown Plano.
  15. Squeezebox Bandits, “Just a Drink Away”
    I just saw this band for the first time a few weeks ago, and The Ghost approves of this band.  Their new album, Sounds of Texas, comes out later this week.  You can celebrate their album release at the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth this Saturday.
  16. Lorelei K, “I Watched U”
    Finally, I leave you with Double Wide’s Friday lineup of Helium Queens, Plandroid, and Lorelei K on Friday at Double Wide.  Again, it’s near the festival, so…
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