Monday Mixteen: 4/15/19

Monday Mixteen 20190415

Most of my Monday Mixteen playlists have some sort of theme.  The sixteen tracks selected have a loose musical connection to them.  All of the songs are within what I would refer to as “rootsy” music.  What exactly does that mean?  To me, it means anywhere along the musical spectrum that contains Americana, country, blues, and rock and roll.  There is usually a soulful nature to these tracks, although they never venture into straight ahead R&B/Soul.  And while these  artists are either unsigned or signed to an independent label, the musical label of “indie” feels completely inappropriate.

This “rootsy” label is a broad one, and this is definitely not a case where all sixteen tracks feel like they’re from the same cookie cutter mold.  Yet through the different styles, that “rootsiness” ties it all together.  Or at least I hope it does.  Either way, enjoy these songs.

  1. Polydogs, “The Movie”
    I kept seeing the name Polydogs popping up. It seemed slightly unusual that a new band was making so many waves. Then I found out that Matt Tedder is the lead vocalist for Polydogs. Now it all makes perfect sense.
  2. Walker Lukens, “Didn’t Wanna Do Right”
    Thanks Spotify for the recommendation. I haven’t always been a big fan of Walker Lukens, but this song is easily the best track of his to date.
  3. Chris Welch & The Cicada Killers, “Borrowed Repertoire”
    Here’s an example of soulful without venturing into R&B territory. And man, I love those horns.
  4. Daisy O’Connor, “Whiplash”
    Alright, this one really does border on having that “indie” vibe, but there’s still a grit to this song that makes it still work within the context of the theme.
  5. MD Wulf, “Fade Out”
    This song has become a regular on the Monday Mixteen, and so I’m running out of new ways to say good things about this track. I’ll just shut up and let you listen.
  6. Charley Crockett, “T-Bone Shuffle”
    You can’t do roots without a healthy dose of blues, and who better than Mr. Crockett to bring the blues to this playlist?
  7. Crooked Bones, “I’ll Be the Rain”
    This is probably the closest thing to pop that you’ll hear on this playlist. The production is a little slicker, even only if by comparison. That feeling of “pop”, however, is less a sign of lacking substance and more of the incredible hooks courtesy of Crooked Bones.
  8. Levi Ray, “Battling”
    These lyrics are heavy with truth. And Mr. Ray’s voice is captivating and warm, bringing an intimacy to his message. Simply put, this song is something very special.
  9. Quaker City Night Hawks, “Better in the Morning”
    How is it that I’ve gone this whole year and haven’t featured a new QCNH song on a Monday Mixteen until today? Shame on The Ghost…
  10. The 40 Acre Mule, “16 Days”
    Well, at least I’m promptly getting on the bandwagon for The 40 Acre Mule.
  11. Taylor Young, “Out of My Mind”
    Here’s another song heavy on the pop hooks.
  12. Atlantis Aquarius, “The Feels”
    If this song doesn’t give you the feels, you might want to make sure you’re alive.
  13. The Cover Letter, “Dollhouse”
    While The Ghost loved hosting the Deep Ellum Radio Artists’ Court Stage last Sunday, I do regret that it kept me from getting to check out The Cover Letter. They are one of the stronger bands from the Austin area, and they always put on a strong live show.
  14. Trees Marie and the Heavy Hearts, “Georgia Peach”
    The band’s album Ramblin Queen is filled with country fried goodness. Alright, so I’m not sure that’s a preferred term for music journalists. I do know, however, that if you listen to GOBL Radio this Wednesday night on Deep Ellum Radio (7-9 PM), you “might” hear a new Trees Marie song. And that should be enough to forgive The Ghost for his country fried music terminology.
  15. Vandoliers, “Sixteen Years”
    Sixteen songs in the playlist, and a second song featuring the number sixteen? Is this an Illuminati thing?
  16. Royal Sons, “Davey”
    I’ve had a number of slow, stripped down songs give me goosebumps. But when I heard Royal Sons play this song live, it was the first time a rock song had that effect on me. Needless to say, I recommend you check out a Royal Sons show.
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