Monday Mixteen: 4/29/19


I had some ideas of what to cook up for today’s Monday Mixteen, but I just couldn’t figure out the right musical ingredients for the playlist.  On top of that, The Ghost just didn’t feel like serving up the dish of a carefully curated themed playlist.  So I did what people do when they’re lazy and hungry: I’m serving up leftovers.  Toss in a pinch of this, throw in a heap of that, and you’ve got yourself an instant meal.

Today’s playlist is serving up tracks from previous Monday Mixteens, some songs featured on Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio, and a couple of tracks never featured in playlists or the radio show.  And let’s face it, everybody loves leftovers.  Well, except for that thing in the fridge that’s been there since last month.

  1. Gray, the New Black, “Counting the Holes in My Heart”
    This song was featured in last week’s episode of Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio, airing two days before the official release.
  2. Mitchell Ferguson, “Groove”
    This “Groove” was previously featured on Monday Mixteen: 4/1/19.
  3. Blushing, “Sunshine”
    This song put the S in the S&M themed Monday Mixteen: 1/14/19.
  4. Ansley, “Time Wasted”
    The song aired on the April 24th episode of Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio.
  5. The Bralettes, “Hagsville”
    The Ghost first visited “Hagsville” for the Monday Mixteen: 3/11/19.
  6. Dead Flowers, “I Might (For Leggz)”
    Here’s another track from the Three Links themed Monday Mixteen dated 3/11/19.
  7. Mariachi Entertainment System, “Take on Me”
    Going all the way back to… uh… last week’s Monday Mixteen for this inspired a-ha cover.
  8. Atlantis Aquarius, “The Feels”
    The Ghost was getting “The Feels” when this track was first featured on the Monday Mixteen dated 4/15/19.
  9. Omicron J Trauma, “Good Conversation”
    Here’s one of two songs making a Monday Mixteen debut.
  10. Land Mammal, “Earth Made Free”
    This track has been featured on the last two episodes of Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio.
  11. Danielle Grubb, “Tangerines”
    A little something tasty from the Monday Mixteen dated 1/21/19.
  12. Emmeline, “Orlando”
    On the Monday Mixteen: 3/25/19 playlist, The Ghost explored the circumstances that led musicians to write certain songs. Emmeline’s “Orlando” is a song with a powerful back story, and a powerful message.
  13. Francine Thirteen, “The Lioness”
    Here’s the second of the two newbies on this playlist.
  14. Fear Gorta, “Unnatural Thing”
    This track was featured on the Monday Mixteen dated 2/18/2019. Don’t bother trying to find it on the website. During a WordPress update, a number of posts were deleted and could not be retrieved. Boo.
  15. LEV, “Magnetic”
    The ladies like LEV rocked the Monday Mixteen: 3/18.19 playlist.
  16. Jackie Venson, “Back to Earth”
    Finally, I leave you with Austin guitarist extraordinaire Jackie Venson, whose music came “Back to Earth” long enough to be featured on the Monday Mixteen 4/18/19 playlist.
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