Monday Mixteen: 4/8/19

Monday Mixteen 20190409

Not gonna lie, The Ghost is still a little tired from hosting the Deep Ellum Radio Artists’ Court Stage yesterday.  That’s okay though, because I had a BLAST!  Thanks to all the fabulous artists that played: Jana Pochop, David Joshua, Peyton Stilling, Bryce Bangs, Maya Piata, Chris Welch & The Cicada Killers, Droo’s Peace Crush, and Svenny Baby!  Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers of the festival.  Good times, good times.

Yes, festival season is upon us.  The next one on the horizon is Homegrown Fest, who celebrate their tenth anniversary this Saturday.  This year’s lineup is beyond solid, featuring both Tripping Daisy and Toadies.  What, is it 1995?  Seriously, it’s amazing to have two acts so strong on the lineup.  It’s also pretty amazing that Homegrown Fest has not only endured, but continued to grow, all while focusing on local and Texas based bands.

In honor of their 10 year anniversary, The Ghost has compiled a playlist featuring sixteen acts of Homegrowns past and present for your listening pleasure.  I’d add some commentary, but all this festing can wear a Ghost out.

  1. Oscar DeLaughter, “Grand Prize”
  2. Old 97’s, “Barrier Reef”
  3. Son of Stan, “Hostage”
  4. The Suffers, “I Think I Love You”
  5. Charley Crockett, “How Low Can You Go”
  6. Ishi, “Emotional Hard Drive”
  7. Cure for Paranoia, “Northern Lights”
  8. Jackie Venson, “I Will Find a Way”
  9. Motorcade, “Desertion”
  10. Tripping Daisy, “Sonic Bloom”
  11. Goodnight Ned, “Cities”
  12. Burning Hotels, “Allison”
  13. The Bright Light Social Hour, “Give to Me Words”
  14. Pearl Earl, “Cosmic Queen”
  15. Duell, “Unintentional”
  16. Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights, “She Wears a Smile”

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