Monday Mixteen: 6/10/19

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After a long, dry May, June is proving to be a more fruitful month for The Ghost.  Not only have I been posting playlists and planning Acoustiganzas, but last Wednesday was my first show on Deep Ellum Radio in more than a minute.  Fortunately, many local bands have continued to send their mp3’s to for airplay.  Unlike playlists, where the song simply needs to be available on Spotify, I am unable to play tracks on my radio show unless I have a CD or mp3 by that artist.

The following Monday Mixteen is comprised of tracks that I do NOT have in my music library.  I would gladly play these songs on my radio show if those songs were to come into my possession.  So if you’re an artist and see your song on this playlist, you know what to do.

  1. Deep Red, “Things We Can’t Say”
    Leah Lane is certainly experimented in her fair share of genres. She’s already delved into the musical arenas of psych-rock (Moon Waves) and goth/new wave (Rosegarden Funeral Party). Her newest project, Deep Red, is allowing her to explore her appreciation for shoegaze. No word on when Leah will be releasing a country or hip-hop album.
  2. Crushed Stars, “French Exit”
    The dreamy pop of Crushed Stars would make a fine addition to an episode of GOBL Radio, don’t you think?
  3. Migrant Kids, “Push Me Aside”
    The Austin band was keeping a low profile for awhile, but in the past few months, Migrant Kids has released several strong singles, including “Push Me Aside.”
  4. Simone Nicole, “Subtle”
    The track is appropriately titled, as Simone’s vocals pack an emotional punch without having to venture into the territory of vocal acrobatics. This less is more approach fits her well, and “Subtle” just might be one of the sleeper hits of the summer.
  5. The Bralettes, “Highway”
    One of the bands that I’ve listened to the most this year is unarguably The Bralettes. It’s kind of crazy that I still don’t have their album, Cheers! And while I seriously do intend to purchase the CD in the near future, a few mp3’s for the radio show right now would be a good thing.
  6. Gollay, “Kew Gardens”
    If you want to know what album I’ve been listening to the most the past few weeks, it would have to be Override. Gollay has created a highly impressive album that spans from dreamy electronica sharp indie rock. The number of plays I’ve given Gollay on Spotify must be a large number. Alas, Spotify won’t cut it for Deep Ellum Radio.
  7. Hey Cowboy!, “Cherry Jerry Citrus”The band began in Denton, then moved to Austin. Perhaps their mp3’s and CD’s got lost in the mail during the move. I’ll give Hey Cowboy! a pass… for now.
  8. Ley Line, “To the Sky”
    Austin’s Ley Line is the musical equivalent of a deep breath of fresh air. I think that GOBL Radio listeners deserve to breath fresh air, don’t you?
  9. Empire Cats, “Everything”
    To their credit, Empire Cats did send me a press release regarding their new album. But have you ever tried playing a press release on the air? It doesn’t work out very well.
  10. E.B. The Younger, “Out of the Woods”Some might say that Midlake member Eric Pulido has more important things to do than make sure The Ghost has his new album for airplay. Those people are wrong.
  11. Danielle Grubb, “Ruins”
    Danielle Grubb’s seems to transcend simple musical genres. Maybe there just needs to be a genre called “good music that doesn’t fit any nice and neat category.” I’m down for including that genre on my radio show.
  12. Reddening West, “Wander On”
    It was a little over three years ago that Reddening West first contacted me about their Where We Started EP. This may sound hyperbolic, but it really was love at first listen for me with this band. I’m still loving the gorgeous melodies of this Austin band, but I’d love it even more if I could get this new song of theirs.
  13. The Walk Offs, “Indie Blues”
    The only thing giving me the blues about this San Antonio band is my inability to play their strong rocking tunes.
  14. The 40 Acre Mule, “16 Days”
    The 40 Acre Mule already acquired a strong following even before their first single was released. I’m sure that having music on all the usual digital outlets helps their popularity. Who knows, maybe a few spins on my radio show could gain them even more fans. Hey, it COULD happen…
  15. The Sour Notes, “Peak”
    They’re from Austin, they rock, and they should send me their mp3’s. Not sure what else needs to be said.
  16. Big Heaven, “Nothing Left to Lose”Much of the Fort Worth band’s new EP finds the group exploring their love of new wave. I’ve given several spins to the lead single, “Dreamin'”, a track that explores the more fun side of the genre.  This album closer is more of a straight ahead melancholy pop tune, gorgeous though with a less obvious new wave influence. I’d love to feature more Big Heaven songs on my show, so c’mon guys, email me some mp3’s. You’ve got nothing to lose, right?
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