Monday Mixteen: 6/17/2019

Monday Mixteen 20190617

This Thursday marks the 2019 Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere. The sun will shine longer on Thursday than any other day of the year. As the hours of sunlight grow, so does the Monday Mixteen. Today’s playlist clocks in at a hare over two hours, which will almost certainly make it the longest Monday Mixteen posted this year. Yes, these songs are longer, and it’ll take you a bit longer to finish listening to this playlist, but I think you’ll find it time well spent. After all, you need some melodic sunshine to accompany the physical sunlight, correct?

  1. Artemus, “Heavy Heart”
    Some readers will think that I’m only kicking off the playlist with Artemus because he’s performing at my Acoustiganza this Saturday at Opening Bell Coffee. Truth is, this is a fine song with a “slow burn” quality to it. In other words, there’s a subtleness to the track that will eventually get under your skin. That’s why I’m beginning the playlist with “Heavy Heart.” But now that you mention it, this Saturday’s Acoustiganza is gonna be pretty bangin’ and all…
  2. Song Dynasty, “Ai Ta”
    Chinese jazz is not a genre that’s featured much on GOBL. To be more precise, Song Dynasty is the first ever representative of the sub-genre to be feature on the blog. But when you pair the silky vocals of Li Liu with her crew of fine musicians, these jazz tracks translate just fine.
  3. Music for Elevators, “Lift”
    There’s a dreamy, borderline ambient quality to Music for Elevators. Much of their music may seem like mere background music at first, but such a classification is oversimplifying the matter. Whether you call the band ambient, post rock, or whatever else, there’s a pleasant dreamy quality that has me listening to their self-titled EP more than I would have expected.
  4. Trauma Ray, “Solstice”
    When selecting the track, it didn’t dawn on me how fitting the song title is. I just chose the track because it’s long and I love me some Trauma Ray. This is an especially fitting choice for celebrating the Summer Solstice.
  5. E.B. the Younger, “Don’t Forget Me”
    At “only” six minutes even, E.B. the Younger has the shortest song on the playlist.
  6. Cameron Smith • Sur Dada, “A Good Way to Say Goodbye”
    Cameron Smith comes in second place for shortest song here, beating E.B. by a matter of six seconds.
  7. Western Youth, “Norah”
    I don’t know if the Austin band was inspired by Ms. Jones to write this track, but it’s a solid tune that manages to keep my attention for the full (almost) seven minutes time length.
  8. Sonar Lights, “Reset”
    I would’ve preferred to feature the band’s newest song, “The Four Horsemen”, but I felt the track was a little too “short” to be featured on the playlist. Their closer to Babelonia makes a better fit for this Monday Mixteen. Maybe next week I can get “The Four Horsemen” a spot on the Monday Mixteen.
  9. Pleasant Grove, “Nothing This Beautiful”
    “Nothing This Beautiful” is the most epic song ever to come out of the metroplex. Change my mind.
  10. Somogyi, “Sideways Dreams”
    So much good music comes out of the metroplex area that sometimes I feel as if certain artists get short changed. Somogyi’s Sideways Dreams EP deserves more love than I’ve given it. So if you can, spare this young lady seven minutes out of your day for her EP’s title track. Your ears will thank you.
  11. Jackie Venson, “Back to Earth”
    If you like a song that starts slow and works its way up to a grand climax, then I have the jam for you right here!
  12. Duell, “All the World”
    Fort Worth Weekly has a lot of love for this song. If memory serves correct, “All the World” is up for Best Rock Song in their Music Awards, and I think several band members were nominated based on their performance in this song.
  13. Felt & Fur, “Pulling a Thread”
    It’s dark. It’s moody. It’s catchy. It’s felt. It’s fur. It’s a thread. It’s being pulled. It’s getting tiresome writing these short, choppy sentences.
  14. Svenny Baby!, “Untangled”
    Most of the Svenny Baby! catalog consists of 3-4 minute bouncy pop tunes. “Untangled” is unique in both its length and midtempo pacing. While it’s not a song you’ll crank out at a party, it is the kind of song that you want to listen to in your headphones and get lost in.
  15. The Orange, “30 Minutes ‘Til Midnight”The Orange will reunite next Friday as part of the Curtain Club’s final weekend. There are already eleven acts officially listed as playing that Friday, and rumor has it there are even more bands that will play that day. The Ghost is gonna go out on a limb that predict that The Orange will not take up ten minutes of their set with this song.
  16. Pinkish Black, “Next Solution”
    Why not end this playlist with a song that’s almost twelve minutes of dissonance, chaos, and everything else one would expect out of a Pinkish Black song.

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