Monday Mixteen: 6/24/19

Monday Mixteen 20190624

What a weekend this has been for The Ghost.  I want to give a huge thank you to Opening Bell Coffee for letting me host my Acoustiganza there, to all the talented musicians who played, and for everyone who came and supported the local musicians.

This weekend promises to be a big one for shows as well.  In fact, every one of the acts in this Monday Mixteen has at least one show coming up over the course of the weekend.  I hope your cash flow hasn’t gotten too tight near the end of the month, because you’ve got some killer concerts coming up here.

  1. Hightower, “Nobody’s Fool”
    We kick off the list with a show in, off all places, Bedford.  The mid-cities aren’t exactly known as a gold mine for local music, but the fine musicians from Hightower will be at Glade Parks this Saturday.
  2. Mean Motor Scooter, “Organic Frequency”
    Denton folks who wanna rock can’t go wrong with the lineup at Harvest House Friday.  Mean Motor Scooter will be rocking the venue along with Kyoto Lo-Fi and Junie.
  3. Justin Tipton, “Gimme Back What’s Mine”
    The Ghost has been hearing a bit of buzz around Mr. Tipton for awhile.  His first single, “Gimme Back What’s Mine”, has me curious to hear more.  I think it’s a safe bet to predict he’ll perform that song at Armoury D.E. Saturday night.
  4. Atlantis Aquarius, “The Feels”
    If you’re hoping to feel “The Feels”, I’d recommend heading out to The Rustic Saturday night to see this band.
  5. Trauma Ray, “WMD”
    Trauma Ray is part of a bill at Dan’s Silverleaf this Saturday that the venue refers to as Post Fest Presents: North Texas Post Rock.  When I think of Post-Rock, I tend to think of Spirit of Eden period Talk Talk, and not My Bloody Valentine.  Trauma Ray has far more in common with the latter than the former.  But if you’re looking for a band with emotional intensity that can also blast your eardrums out, then Trauma Ray is exactly what you want.
  6. Black Hole Bears, “Chicken Friday”
    The Denton based band Black Hole Bears have a busy weekend ahead of them.  They kick of the weekend at BackYard on Bell on Friday night, go to Haltom City Saturday to perform at the Haltom Theater, and then end the weekend Sunday night at Tradewinds Social Club.
  7. Mitchell Ferguson, “Hallelujah (I’ve Got the Blues Again)”
    Like Bedford, Sachse is another city that doesn’t have lots of noteworthy local shows.  Mr. Ferguson will be making the city a little cooler Friday night, when he performs at Backyard and 5th.
  8. Rob Case, “From a Dream”
    Many of you may be aware of the health problems experienced by Mr. Troll.  The local music veteran has suffered three strokes as of late, and the medical bills are piling up.  There will be a benefit show for Mr. Troll Sunday night at Poor David’s Pub.  Rob Case is among the musicians performing the event.  Mr. Case also was a regular at the Open Mic night hosted by Mr. Troll.  If you can’t make it to the show, you might want to visit his Go Fund Me page to give back to a musician who has given so much to our music community.
  9. Sonar Lights, “The Four Horsemen”
    George Miadis of Sonar Lights will be doing an acoustic set Grapes to Wine this Friday night.  While most of his set will be focused on cover tunes, you might be able to persuade him to play some Sonar Lights tunes.  Just tell him you’re a friend of The Ghost and he’ll likely honor your request.
  10. Mañana Cowboy, “Arkansas”
    Arlington’s music scene is strengthening, thanks in large part to Division Brewery and Caves Lounge.  The latter venue will host a strong lineup Friday night, featuring Mañana Cowboy, Josh and the Jet Noise, and Bruce Magnus.
  11. Elaina Kay, “Daddy Issues”
    You have two chances to catch this talented young lady with “Daddy Issues”.  She’ll perform Friday at LSA Burger Co. in Denton, then again Saturday night at Magnolia Motor Lounge.
  12. Anna Larson, “Where Were You”
    Anna’s first show in the metroplex this week will take place Thursday at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson, with Claudia Gibson joining her on the bill.  Ms. Larson will then play the following evening at Opening Bell Coffee.
  13. Vandoliers, “Sixteen Years”
    Here’s another Arlington show for you: Vandoliers will be at Levitt Pavilion Friday night.
  14. Mountain Natives, “We Call Each Other Home”
    The duo of Mountain Natives have kept a little lower profile this year, but you’ll have the opportunity to catch them at Witherspoon Distillery this Saturday from 6-9 PM.
  15. Ansley, “For the Last Time”
    The last two shows I’m focusing on have a definite bittersweet flavor to them.  One of The Ghost’s favorite singer-songwriters, Ansley, is packing her bags and moving to Nashville.  While I’ll be wishing her the greatest of success as she continues to pursue her musical dreams, her presence will be sorely missed in the metroplex.  Friday night’s show at Main at South Side is a farewell celebration, featuring performances by Keanu Leaves, Vodeo, and of course Ansley.
  16. Royal Sons, “Davey”
    After 21 years of rock shows in Deep Ellum, this weekend marks the end of Curtain Club.  The venue is going out in style, with three days of huge concerts.  Sunday’s show has the biggest headliner (Drowning Pool), and Saturday’s show is sponsored by Deep Ellum Radio.  My personal favorite of the three nights, however, is Friday night.  That’s the night featuring Erstwhile (the new band featuring Alex Lilly from In Memory of Man), longtime GOBL favorite The Orange, and one of my new faves, Royal Sons.  In fact, I “might” have some tickets to give away tomorrow evening 7-9 PM as I do a special edition of GOBL Radio, where I pay tribute to the bands I’ve seen play at Curtain Club (plus a few I haven’t).
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