Monday Mixteen: 6/3/19

Monday Mixteen 20190603

The Ghost may not have said much in the past month, but that does not mean that there have been no new developments in GOBL land. In fact, I have a long overdue show announcement. I will be returning to Opening Bell Coffee on Saturday, June 22nd for another edition of Acoustiganza. There’s even a nifty little Facebook event page for the Acoustiganza, including times, suggested donation cost, and all that.

In honor of the Acoustiganza announcement, I’m dedicating this playlist to artists that are playing the upcoming Acoustiganza, veterans from past Acoustiganzas, plus a few acts I wouldn’t object to having play a future Acoustiganza. With all that being said, only one questions remains:

Are you ready to Acoustiganza?

I can’t hear you!!! I said, are you ready to Acoustiganza???

Yeah, it doesn’t flow off the tongue as neatly as “are you ready to rock?” Oh well…

  1. Jade Nickol, “Marijuana & Gin”
    When I first heard the young Ms. Nickol, I liked her style and found her to be a pleasantly enjoyable artist. Her song “Best Friends” was a cute, if slightly downbeat, tune about the disappointment of a dying friendship. Although Jade is still all of nineteen years of age, her new tunes like “Marijuana & Gin” show a new maturity, both lyrically and melodically, that show her poised to be a force in the local music scene. It is my privilege to have her as part of the upcoming Acoustiganza.
  2. Ryker Hall, “Neon Spirit”
    There’s a hint of emo in much of Mr. Hall’s acoustic fare, but fortunately it never gets into the whinier territory of the genre. In fact, Ryker smartly stays on the more pop side of the emo fence, all while writing some solid lyrics. He too is a part of this year’s Acoustiganza.
  3. Garrett Owen, “Sad Eyed Son”
    In the most technical sense, Garrett Owen has never performed at an Acoustiganza. He was on the bill to play the Summer 2016 show. That was the summer where several officers were killed at a Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Dallas. The day of that show, there was a bomb threat at the Dallas Police Department headquarters across from Opening Bell Coffee. While some people who were already present performed, those who weren’t there (like Garrett) were obviously asked not to attend for safety purposes. Maybe another time, Garrett…
  4. Anna Larson, “Acting Alone”
    So far, The Ghost has only had two out of town acts perform at an Acoustiganza: Claire Domingue and ILA MINORI. Ms. Larson has not performed at an Acoustiganza, so she’s on my wish list.
  5. Kinsley August, “Smokey Lovers”
    There’s a chance that The Ghost “might” have gotten an advance listen of Kinsley’s new single, “High.” Who knows, maybe The Ghost will even get to debut the song on his radio show. Until then, here’s the title track to his full length album. And in case you were wondering, Kinsley performed at the January 2017 Acoustiganza.
  6. Gollay, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”
    With as strong of an electronic bent as there is in Gollay’s music, she would seem like an unlikely fit for an Acoustiganza. Yet once all the electronic production is stripped away, what remains are some really incredible melodies and lyrics. Gollay demonstrated her skills in the inaugural Acoustiganza event of January 2016.
  7. David Joshua, “Heaven Sent”
    For as much of a proponent as I’ve been of David Joshua’s work, he never had made it on an Acoustiganza lineup. That all changes this month though.
  8. Cameron Matthew Ray, “Here for You”
    Here’s another artist from the first Acoustiganza. I’d love to think he’d be on a future Acoustiganza lineup, but considering he’s moved away from Dallas, the odds are not too hot. You never know though…
  9. Spyche, “Heading Out”
    While the Summer 2016 Acoustiganza was marred by the whole bomb threat and all, there were some good moments from that show. Spyche not only put on a great set, but if memory serves correct, she was giving away free hugs that day. She brought a spirit of love to the event that was much needed after those tragic events.
  10. Levi Ray, “Wichita”
    This Battling EP by Levi Ray has me seriously impressed. Mr. Ray’s voice is unique in tone, and impressive in its ability to convey emotion. There’s not a weak track on the EP, and The Ghost hopes to have him at a future Acoustiganza.
  11. Christine Hand, “Simple Life”
    Sometimes it’s all about the simple life. The Ghost doesn’t have a wife, but the idea of a mate to enjoy coffee and cats with is quite appealing.  In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for Ms. Hand strumming her guitar at the upcoming Acoustiganza.
  12. Taylor Davis, “Love Will Find a Way”
    Mr. Davis seems to be keeping a low profile these days. In fact, I’m not sure how many shows he’s done since the April 2016 Acoustiganza, if any.
  13. Karyna Micaela, “Not Me”
    While the Everyday Surprises EP has nice songs on it like “Not Me”, her songwriting skills have grown by leaps and bounds since the release of this 2013 effort. She performed some of those songs at the aforementioned April 2016 show, and will likely bust out many of those tracks as she returns to this June’s lineup. Now if only she’d get some of those new songs recorded and released. I even know a blogger who might be willing to host a special debut of these songs…
  14. Dave and Kate, “Unsatisfied (Stripped)”
    The duo released a new EP this April entitled They’ll Only Find Our Things. Half the EP is more slick with a pop polish, but the stronger half is the more stripped down and intimate tracks like “Unsatisfied”. No, they haven’t played one of my Acoustiganzas. Yes, I’d like to change that.
  15. The Cover Letter, “I’ll Be the Sun”
    Fun fact: Austin band The Cover Letter will be performing at OBC the day after my Acoustiganza. Maybe I should just camp out at the coffee shop overnight.
  16. Emmeline, “Something More”
    Here’s one last song from Emmeline, an artist that just might be in my Top 10 local favorites of all time. Her songs ring true with an emotional authenticity approached by very few. She has a skill for shining the light in the darkest of lyrical moments, which gives the perfect blend of heartbreak and hope. She performed at the first Acoustiganza, and while she won’t be playing this one, I have no doubt that The Ghost will book her yet again for a show.
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