Monday Mixteen: 7/8/19

Monday Mixteen 20190708

I once received advice on the Monday Mixteen that it’s good to have a theme for the playlist.  Most of the time, I try to heed that advice.  In recent playlists, I have focused on musical genres (such as country), promoting events (like my Acoustiganza), or promoting shows happening on a given weekend.  To be sure, it’s nice when there’s a clear thread that runs between the songs.  Sometimes the themes can be limiting.  Maybe there are various events you want to discuss, or multiple new songs that people should take notice of.

This Monday Mixteen is without a clear theme.  The songs spans genres and moods, and I’m alright with that, and I hope you will be too.  And even if you’re not okay with it, too bad…

  1. Remy Reilly (ft. Vandoliers), “Burn”
    There was not doubt in The Ghost’s mind that this needed to be the opening track on today’s Monday Mixteen.  It’s the most fiery vocal performance of Ms. Reilly’s to date (please pardon the pun).  Remy has always managed to work well within the confines on indie-pop, but “Burn” shows that she can rock with the best of them.  This track is indeed fire (sorry, but the title lends itself to way too many puns).
  2. Secrecies, “Hole in My Heart”
    Three Links will likely be a busy spot this Friday, thanks to the album release show by Secrecies.  It’s a strong bill all around, with NiTE, Helium Queens, and Zoe Zobrist completing the lineup.  In the meantime, check out the band’s re-recording of their first single.  I’d say the album version is more intriguing than the original.
  3. Charlie J. Memphis, “Fairy Tales”
    There “might” be a GOBL show announcement happening this week, and it “might” involve Charlie J. Memphis.  And I “might” like to overuse quotation marks around the word “might”.
  4. Tippy Balady, “The Moon and Me”
    The Ghost seems to be out of the loop on all things Tippy Balady related.  I recently was supposed to go to a special performance of hers, only to discover my date was wrong.  I also seemed to miss out on the fact that she’s released a new single.  Way to go, Ghost.
  5. Quaker City Night Hawks, “Better in the Morning”
    Sure, the Quaker City Night Hawks have managed to become one of the most popular rock bands in the area with their southern rock charm, but… wait, where was I going with this? Maybe the sentence should’ve ended after the word “charm.”
  6. Pearl Earl, “Something’s Gotta Change”
    Are Pearl Earl the metroplex’s most kitschy psych rock band?  Or are they the most psychedelic sounding kitsch rock band?  Or does it even matter with songs this cool?
  7. Astrogiirl, “Odd Penguin”
    It seems that 2019 has been light on noteworthy on local R&B tracks.  Sure, there’s been plenty of R&B influenced pop tracks, but not much that firmly belongs in the R&B field.  And while Astrogiirl’s music definitely has a few indie-pop edges to it, the smoothness of the track and vocals are firmly in the realm of R&B.  While The Ghost knows little about Astrogiirl, I will be on the lookout for more info (and tunes) from this artist.
  8. Ringo Deathstarr, “Frisbee”
    Yes, Ringo Deathstarr will be headlining a show at Main at South Side this coming Sunday.  The fact that Ringo Deathstarr is headlining the show is likely no surprise.  What might surprise you, however, is the fact that I’d rank Ringo Deathstarr as the least interesting act on the bill that night.  Austin’s Blushing will be providing some gorgeous harmonies with their take on shoegaze, while Fort Worth’s own Trauma Ray blurs the line between beauty and brutality with their songs.  Do not mistake this as The Ghost saying that Ringo Deathstarr isn’t a strong band, but rather a comment on how beyond stacked this lineup is at M.A.S.S.  Fans of the shoegaze genre will likely view this show as a small slice of heaven on earth.
  9. Erstwhile, “Six Lies”
    Alas, Curtain Club is now gone, and fans are left only with memories.  My last night in the venue was their final Friday, and Erstwhile was one of the last bands I saw take the stage.  The band’s performance was nothing short of amazing.  The most memorable musical moment of their set came with “Six Lies.”  The keyboard intro feels like it would’ve been a perfect intro to a Sisters of Mercy song, only before the track morphs into a heavy rock groove that Deftones would likely be envious of.
  10. Posival, “I Am One With the Sun”
    At only 97 seconds at length, Posival manages to squeeze lots of power, pop, and punk into this track.  Mr. Posival sings “I don’t expect too much”, but after this track, I’ll be expecting a lot more out of him musically.
  11. Rakim Al-Jabbaar, “African Bird Pepper”
    I caught only the last few seconds of Rakim Al-Jabbaar’s performance at the DOMA Showcase last December.  What little I caught made me question if there was a change in the lineup.  I did not see Rakim rapping on stage, and only heard some solid bluesy guitar riffs by those still on stage.  After speaking to audience members, I came to realize that Rakim’s live performance was more eclectic than what I had predicted.  Some of that musical uniqueness comes through on his latest single, combining hints of blues, funk, rap, and I’m not quite sure what else he’s cooked up into his musical gumbo.  All that The Ghost knows is that Rakim is likely the most interesting singular rapper remaining in Dallas.
  12. Doug Conlon, “Stay Beautiful”
    With the recent closing of Curtain Club, it’s had The Ghost reflecting on the many acts seen there during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  One of those acts was Eden Automatic, who was a regular opening act for Sugarbomb back in the day.  Eden Automatic may be no more, but Annette and Doug Conlon are still recording music and playing shows out in California.  Doug released this new single last week, a song that he “dedicated to all the artists who create, to make the world more beautiful and a little more comprehensible.”
  13. Peyton Stilling, “Out of My Mind”
    Peyton’s first single, “Forest Through the Trees” has been getting a decent amount of play on KXT as of late, but I’d argue that this is her stronger track both musically and lyrically.
  14. Migrant Kids, “Timescales”
    Austin’s Migrant Kids are gearing up for the release of their new album, We All Forget.  The album’s opener, “Timescales”, evokes the darker sounds of the 80’s new wave movement while maintain the level of energy found in the more mainstream tracks of the genre.
  15. Jessie Frye, “Angel”
    Jessie Frye has definitely jumped aboard the 80’s retro vibe as of late.  “Angel” is another strong addition to her catalog, and one that makes me wonder why sax solos ever went out of style.
  16. The Iveys, “Colors of Honey”
    The Ghost closes out this Monday Mixteen with the lovely title track from the new EP from El Paso band The Iveys.  The harmonies featured in this track are as sweet and smooth as honey, and it ends the playlist on a lovely note.
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