Monday Mixteen: 8/19/19

Monday Mixteen 20190819

Last week, I announced on Facebook that I would be taking a break from recording episodes of Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio.  As the station’s Program Director, I want to help in developing some new shows.  I also want to spend more time contributing to the blog.

New episodes of the radio show will return soon, most likely around the beginning of October.  In the meantime, this week’s Monday Mixteen will reflect on some of the musical highlights of the last eight episodes of GOBL Radio.  Oh, and if you feel like sending me material to be played once the show returns, just Talk to the Ghost about it!

  1. Deep Red, “Television”
  2. Sonar Lights, “The Four Horsemen”
    Both tracks were played on the June 12th episode of GOBL Radio. Special shout out to Deep Red, who allowed me to feature “Television” two days ahead of its official release.
  3. Meach Pango, “Built for the Tilt”
  4. Jade Nickol, “Marijuana & Gin”
    The June 19th episode of my radio show was the first time I played that Meach Pango song. It wasn’t my first time to play “Marijuana & Gin”, but it was the episode right before my Acoustiganza which featured Ms. Nickol. Gotta self-promote.
  5. Sugarbomb, “Hello”
  6. The Orange, “Valium”
    June 26th’s “Very Special” episode was a reflection on the many bands I saw at Curtain Club. It only seemed appropriate, right before the final weekend of Curtain Club. One track to represent my earlier days at the club (Sugarbomb), and one to represent more modern times (The Orange).
  7. Hightower, “Fine Line”
  8. Sasha and the Valentines, “Flower”
    Jacob Martinez was featured in the Musician Spotlight on July 3rd. Some might say I’m featuring Hightower in this playlist to promote my upcoming Friday the 13th showcase at Free Man featuring Hightower, Charlie J Memphis, and Chilldren of Indigo. Is that so wrong? Either way, nothing wrong with that Sasha and the Valentines track.
  9. Ottoman Turks, “Apathy”
  10. Remy Reilly (feat. Vandoliers), “Burn”
    Here’s a pair of country tinged tracks from July 10th.
  11. Robert LaRoche, “Jet Blue”
  12. End of Orbit, “Love Rush”
    Two cool tracks from July 17th’s episode: one from Austin (Mr. LaRoche), one from Dallas (End of Orbit).
  13. Mr. Kingpin, “Cards on the Table”
  14. Scarlet Cimillo, “Small”
    July 24th marked my first play of Mr. Kingpin, the new project from Jon Bravo (ex-Rude King). I was also late on the Scarlet Cimillo train, so this was my first spin for her.
  15. Nicholas Altobelli, “Thunderstorms”
  16. Rahim Quazi, “Supernatural”
    Twelve years of Ghost of Blind Lemon? Insane! July 31st was also a “Very Special” episode, featuring some of my favorite tracks of the past twelve years. It was my first spin of the newly rerecorded version of Mr. Altobelli’s “Thunderstorms”. I wrapped up the episode with “Supernatural”, one of my favorite songs to ever come out of this fine city.
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