Monday Mixteen: 3/30/2020

Monday Mixteen 20200330

So, here’s my report on Day Eleventeen of self isolation, but at least I’m retaining my sanity, or at least that’s what the voices in my head are telling me.  All kidding aside, even though I’m adjusting to this new normal, I can’t say that I don’t miss the luxuries of going to work, going to shows, and for that matter, going outside to do more than get groceries.  Still, I believe these steps that we’re taking will greatly reduce the number of illnesses and deaths from COVID-19.

While The Ghost has always believed in the healing power of music, I feel it’s more critical than ever to have music in our lives.  It’s why I’m back on the blog, back on Deep Ellum Radio, and back making playlists.  Today’s Monday Mixteen (it is Monday, right?) is another one of my acrostic playlists.  If you look carefully, you’ll see a hidden message that I hope you are all heeding as much as humanly possible.

And on a lighter note, I’m ending the playlist with a song that might be my all time favorite song out of Dallas, and it just recently was made available on Spotify.  Hey, gotta find those silver linings on the clouds, right?

  1. “Spinning out of Control”, Bastards of Soul
  2. “Thing for You”, Noah T Jackson
  3. “All You’ve Ever Dreamed Of”, Nite
  4. “You Can Bet”, Silas Nello
  5. “Assassins”, Salim Nourallah
  6. “Time After Time”, Pleasure Crisis
  7. “Hello”, Medicine Man Revival
  8. “Ophanim”, Jacob Furr
  9. “Manatee”, Clifffs
  10. “Eidelon”, Lorelei K
  11. “Placeholder”, Ryker Hall
  12. “Enjoy the Silence”, Itchy Richie and the Burning Sensations
  13. “Oxum”, Ley Line
  14. “Party”, The Bralettes
  15. “Like That”, LO
  16. “Echo & the Pass”, Hendrick
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