Debut: Chilldren of Indigo, “Wake Up”

Chilldren GOBL Cover Pic

There may not be a more unique and innovative band in Dallas than Chilldren of Indigo. COI’s first album, Death of the Ego, came out in 2016 but flew under my radar.  It wasn’t until their follow up the next year, Indigo Soul, that I took note of the band.  It was the 2018 release of Keepers of the Fire, however, that their brilliance came into crystal clear view.  That album displayed the band’s ability to combines element of funk, rock, and hip-hop into a fresh and unique sound that belonged only to Chilldren of Indigo.

The Ghost is excited to have the opportunity to COI’s new track, “Wake Up”, from their upcoming Native Alien album.  This song interjects a heavy dose of psychedelia into the band’s signature sound, and the flow and poetry of Jo Indigo is bound to draw you into his lyrical world.  There’s a certain uneasiness in the song, both melodically and lyrically, with the line “just because you’re paranoid don’t mean that they’re not after you” repeating throughout the second verse.  It’s a strange musical trip, but one unarguably worth the voyage.

“Wake Up” serves as a reminder to fans as to why COI has become such a presence in the world of local music, and it provides the perfect wake up call to anyone who may have been sleeping on this talent band.  The Ghost is proud to feature the debut of “Wake Up” below.

Chilldren of Indigo, “Wake Up”

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