Monday Mixteen: 5/18/2020

Monday Mixteen 20200518

This past Saturday, former President Obama was the commencement speaker, so to speak, for the graduating Class of 2020.  It is certainly unorthodox to have a former President give a commencement speech to a nation of graduates.  These times, however, have been anything but orthodox.

So, continuing in that unorthodox vain, why not do a Monday Mixteen honoring this year’s graduates?  It’s another acrostic playlist, with my not-so-hidden message.

One other twist with this playlist: all the songs shared here were released within the school calendar year.  The Ghost will continue this theme on this week’s radio show, airing Wednesday night 7-9 PM CST on Deep Ellum Radio.  In the meantime, enjoy these sixteen songs from this year’s metaphorical graduating class of GOBL music.

  1. “When You Say My Name”, Rania Khoury
  2. “Ain’t Nothin’ New”, The Texas Gentlemen
  3. “You Are Freaking Out”, Clifffs
  4. “Trophy Wife”, Charlie J Memphis
  5. “One Way Street”, D and Chi
  6. “Gone”, Van Darien
  7. “Overcast and Under the Clouds”, Relick
  8. “Golden Hour”, The Belle Sounds
  9. “Reading Your Mind”, Nick Snyder & The Real Deal
  10. “Assassins”, Salim Nourallah
  11. “Detective Farmer Brown”, Hey Cowboy!
  12. “Underground Forever”, Jonathan Tyler
  13. “Another Sunrise”, Megan Storie
  14. “These Days”, Penny and Dime
  15. “East Texas Speed”, Ryker Hall
  16. “Slow Down”, Ley Line
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