Monday Mixteen: 6/8/2020

Monday Mixteen 20200608

  1. Black Radio”, Alsace Carcione
  2. Like Me”, Bobby Sessions
  3. Ain’t Gotta Worry Child”, Charley Crockett
  4. City Ditty”, Ivan Dillard
  5. Keep On”, Jackie Vension
  6. Like a Rock”, Chilldren of Indigo
  7. Insane”, Damoyee Janai
  8. Veida”, The Tontons
  9. Enough Is Enough”, Quentin Moore
  10. Same Way”, Maya Piata
  11. Make Up Your Mind”, The 40 Acre Mule
  12. Another Chance to Live”, Ellen Once Again
  13. Trigger”, Kirk Thurmond
  14. Threat Level Midnight”, Cure for Paranoia
  15. Education Destruction”, Blxpltn
  16. Recipe for Peace”, Bobby Patterson
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