Monday Mixteen: 7/27/2020

Monday Mixteen 20200727

Alright, so the blog has been neglected as of late.  I’ve spent more time focusing on the Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio show, as well as the running of Deep Ellum Radio itself, than on writing or producing content for the blog.  Well, for the next month, I’m taking a break from recording new episodes of GOBL Radio.  There is no guarantee that a spike in postings will happen as a result of this decision, but you never know.

That makes this week’s episode a “Season Finale” of sorts.  I decided to make today’s Monday Mixteen a highlight of some of my favorite songs played in the past few months.  Since the 13th Anniversary of the blog is coming upon us, I figured I might sprinkle in some classics from previous years in both the Season Finale and the Monday Mixteen.

So give this playlist a listen, and prepare for the exciting season finale of Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio this Wednesday night, 7-9 PM, exclusively on Deep Ellum Radio!

  1. Siamese Hips, “Analysis Paralysis”
  2. Uh Oh Jiminy, “Blackeyed and Bulletproof”
  3. Lance Patterson, “Panacea”
  4. Calhoun, “Indian Melody”
  5. Mean Motor Scooter, “The Void”
  6. The Belle Sounds, “Like Glass”
  7. Ishi, “Slowly But Surely”
  8. Hightower, “Treading Water”
  9. Karyna Micaela, “Just Love You”
  10. Anna Larson, “Lonelier Than You”
  11. L25, “Money”
  12. Ansley, “How to Be Alone”
  13. Jessie Frye, “No Sleep”
  14. Henry the Archer, “Venus”
  15. Aztec Milk Temple, “Digital Natives”
  16. John Earle Mainord, “Some Kind of Understanding”
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