Monday Mixteen: 7/6/2020

Monday Mixteen 20200706

By some miracle, we have survived the first half of 2020. Heaven only knows what will come our way in the second half of this crazy story of 2020. Will it be Revenge of the Murder Hornets, a tornado with nuclear funnels, or perhaps a good old-fashioned asteroid to wipe out humanity?

Whatever 2020 throws our way next, let’s take a moment to reflect on some great releases in the first half of the year. This playlist focuses on some really great tunes that, for whatever reason, never made it on a Monday Mixteen or on the GOBL Radio Show (shameless plug: send your mp3’s to for airplay consideration).

You might think that this playlist would seem like a casserole made of stale leftovers, but the truth is this Monday Mixteen is anything but that. It serves as a reminder that there’s enough talent here in the metroplex (and the state of Texas) that it’s easy for musical gems to go unnoticed for far too long. No, this is not a stale casserole, but a fine gumbo with a variety of musical spices that are sure to please your eardrum’s palette. Yes, I know your palette is associated with the mouth and not the ear. Work with me and my metaphors, will ya?

  1. Rosegarden Funeral Party, “Salvation and Saving Face”
  2. The Motel Pines, “Better Than What You Deserve”
  3. Night Glitter, “Transparency (La Transperence)”
  4. Charley Crockett, “Run Horse Run”
  5. The Prof.Fuzz 63, “Nadine Codeine”
  6. Ego Jones, “Far Between”
  7. Ronnie Heart, “The Vine”
  8. Jaime Saso, “River Wash Us Away”
  9. Tayla Parx, “Dance Alone”
  10. Ting Tang Tina, “Honeybee”
  11. Joshua Ray Walker, “Cupboard”
  12. Cory Cross, “Lay You Down with Me”
  13. Jessie Frye, “The One”
  14. Foxtales, “Bestop Falls”
  15. Old 97’s, “Turn Off the TV”
  16. All Clean, “Fake as Fuck”
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