Monday Mixteen: 8/3/2020

Monday Mixteen 20200803

Perhaps you’ve seen #womensupportingwomen trending on both Facebook and Instagram.  The Ghost is obviously happy to see women opening show support to each other.  But what if you’re a man who wants to show support to women?  Or for that matter, a Ghost who supports women?

When I saw the trending hashtag, I felt compelled to take time to give props to the many women who have been integral in the success of GOBL.  First, let me give thanks to the women behind the scenes in the music community.  Thanks to Kim Keebler, owner of Deep Ellum Radio, for giving a Ghost a chance on the airwaves almost a decade ago.  Thanks to Amber LaFrance of Culture Hype, who always keeps The Ghost in the loop of what’s awesome in the metroplex.  Thanks to Pascale Hall of Opening Bell, who sets the gold standard for acoustic performances in Dallas, and even allows a Ghost to book there from time to time.  Thanks to Waffles, one of the most faithful of music fans, who is a talented photographer, videographer, and musician, and who I also suspect is holding out on us with about a thousand other hidden talents.  And yes, I have no doubt I am forgetting several key names on this list of women, and I apologize to those left out.  Just know that whatever you do that helps support the local music community, I appreciate you.

As for the female music creators, I give you sixteen acts that I feel are worthy of my support (and hopefully yours as well).

  1. Ellen Once Again, “Be Okay”
    The music of Ellen is bound to bring a smile to your face. While her tunes are undeniably optimistic, her best songs shine the light of hope while acknowledging the darkness of our surroundings. It’s worth noting that every ounce of sweetness you hear within Ellen’s songs are exactly what you will experience when you speak with her.
  2. The Bralettes, “Scary Harry”
    I did not put The Bralettes on this list because they’re one of the best girl groups around. No, they made the cut because simply put, they are one of the best groups in the metroplex. The Ghost would even dare say that most boys in Dallas would be intimidated at the idea of outdoing The Bralettes. These girls would be kicking ass and chewing bubble gum if they hadn’t run out of bubble gum long, long, ago.
  3. Penny and Dime, “Follow You”
    These months have been a test to us all. If you’re like me, one of the key things that has help you endured these times, it is music. And when I will look back on this period, one of the first artist names that will come to mind is Penny and Dime. Just the comfort their songs have given me during this time is reason enough to put them on the playlist.
  4. Trees Marie, “Ululo”
    Trees Marie is a truly gifted performer, a great vocalist, a caring cat mother, and an all around kind and wonderful human being. What more can you ask for?
  5. Karyna Micaela, “Just Love You”
    I wanted to include Karyna on this list not just for her musical talent, but her hard word with Flint Creek Records, as well as her writing skills which she has put to good use at both Dallas Observer and The Wild Honey Pie.  She has also been exceptionally candid with her struggles regarding in vitro fertilization on the Flint Creek Family blog.  So yes, Karyna is a multi-talented and incredible person.  But let’s not also forget this fact: the song “Just Love You” absolutely slays.
  6. Lovie, “Mindreader”
    Lovie were a major musical force at the time that the blog was formed. While I have lots of love for all the members of the band, I have to give an extra special mention to lead vocalist Rebecca Dixon. She has worked hard to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis, a cause close to Rebecca’s heart, as her daughter Violet battles this ailment. The love and strength she displays makes it an honor for The Ghost just to know her.
  7. Ansley, “Shadow”
    Ansley may hang her hat in Nashville now, but during her time here, she worked not just to promote her music, but help others in the industry. We frequently discussed ways to promote (including ways that have helped The Ghost), and she still has an awesome Spotify playlist that highlights the talent found in the metroplex.
  8. Remy Reilly, “Just Stop”
    In the past few years, there has been a massive influx of young female talent. Jade Nickol, Frankie Leone, Ireland, M’Lynn, and Peyton Stilling are but a few of the names of these young ladies making their mark in the local music world. Any of these artists are worthy of your support, but I specifically chose Ms. Reilly for the playlist, as it feels like the trend began with the release of her debut EP. She released “Just Stop” earlier this year, and it’s the strongest, most profound work Remy has done to date.
  9. Lorelei K, “Eidelon”
    In previous interviews with Dallas Observer, Dahlia Knowles (the woman behind Lorelei K) has gone on record with her struggles as a trans woman, but also said that she wanted the trans label “to come secondary to her being an artist.” After the release of Lightbender, one of my favorite local albums of the past few years, her status as a first-rate artist is unquestionable.
  10. Maya Piata, “Working Sunday”
    Ms. Piata has described her sound as “Sunshine Soul”, a term that fits both her musical style and her personality. One cannot help but feel happy when hearing her sing and when conversing with her.
  11. Helium Queens,”Electra Flora Greets the Pink Moon”
    Because alien females should be supported as well. Plus, these aliens hold an uncanny resemblance to Poppy Xander, Sharla Franklin, and Chelsey Danielle, three massively talented earthlings.
  12. Anna Larson, “Acting Alone”
    Ms. Larson just might be my favorite singer-songwriter from Austin at the moment. I could choose many fine musical moments from her Shifting Sand album, but the bare bones production on “Acting Alone” sets the perfect tone for the haunting lyrics. It’s worth noting that if you purchase the single for “Acting Alone” on Bandcamp, the proceeds go towards Moms Demand Action.
  13. Jessie Frye, “No Sleep”
    Jessie Frye is certainly one of the biggest musical names in the area, and the recent success of Kiss Me in the Rain will mean her star will only shine brighter.  In spite of all that, Ms. Frye remains down to earth and one of the nicest and friendliest musicians in the area.
  14. Gollay, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”
    When COVID-19 began taking its economic toll on the music community, Gollay stepped into action, launching a GoFundMe page to help struggling Tarrant County musicians.  With as much support as she has given to the music community, she has more than earned my gratitude and support.
  15. Rosegarden Funeral Party, “Tortured Decline”
    I have tried to focus exclusively on either solo acts or groups comprised solely of women for this playlist. I could not in good conscience compile a list of female musicians worthy of support without mentioning RFP lead vocalist Leah Lane. Her fashion and musical sensibilities may lean towards the dark side, but her kind and caring spirit sheds a light that is much needed in these times.
  16. Emmeline, “Empire”
    Finally, I’m not sure what to say about Emmeline that I haven’t said previously and frequently. So instead, I offer a simple phrase from a classic TV show theme song, “thank you for being a friend.”
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