Monday Mixteen Takeover by Coffeebreak Cafe

Monday Mixteen 20200810

So, this isn’t The Ghost.  This is the head barista from Coffeebreak Cafe, a new show on Deep Ellum Radio.  I found The Ghost’s password laying around, so I decided to take this opportunity to promote my radio show.  I’m sure some might say that this is “hacking into a website without permission”, but I prefer to look at it as me helping The Ghost promote some quality folk and acoustic based artists.  No harm in that, right?

Oh, and don’t forget to follow Coffeebreak Cafe on Facebook, and be on the lookout for announcements on who my guests will be in the upcoming weeks!

  1. Penny and Dime, “Velvet Sun”
  2. Brian Lambert, “Always”
  3. Sarah Jarosz, “Pay It No Mind”
  4. John Earle Mainord, “Ridin’ High”
  5. Simone Nicole, “Tangerine”
  6. Barbara Nesbitt, “Someday, Maybe Sooner”
  7. Mountain Natives, “Silent Hour”
  8. Levi Ray, “Down to the River”
  9. Ron Bultongez, “Get Back Up”
  10. Raquel Lindemann, “Everywhere”
  11. Lance Patterson, “The Way You Occur to Me”
  12. Jimmy LaFave, “Everytime”
  13. Heather Miller, “You Are Not Alone”
  14. Eric Osbourne, “Long Way From Home”
  15. Rob Case, “Homeplace”
  16. Rahim Quazi, “Coffeebreak”
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