The Top 101 Songs of 2020: #101-81

Foundry 2020

When people look back on the year 2020, most of what will come to mind is the pandemic, as well as financial and emotional loss, not to mention the psychological effects of social distancing.  Yes, this has been a rough year, and our music community was most definitely hit hard by the events of 2020.  Live music all but came to a stand still, promotion was made increasingly difficult for new and upcoming acts, and some venues did not survive the economic impact.  Even a few musicians with local ties, most notably Trini Lopez and Charley Pride, succumbed to the COVID-19 virus.  Other local artists, such as Ron Bultongez, battled and survived the deadly illness.

Yet for all the tragedy and negativity that was to be found around almost every corner of this year, one of the few saving graces of 2020 has been the music that emerged.  It is one of the key things that kept me sane (well, as sane as I ever get).  With 2020 coming to a close, it is time to reflect on some of the best local and Texas based music released this year.  So I will begin the Top 101 Countdown today, and will be revealing more songs in the coming days.

I will also be paying tribute to some of the businesses that we lost this year.  The promotional photo above features West Dallas restaurant/music venue Chicken Scratch and The Foundry.  But now, let us begin the countdown…

  1. Anna Larson, “Lonelier Than Me”
  2. Kirk Thurmond, “Strangers”
  3. Buenos Diaz, “Dream”
  4. Itchy Richie and the Burning Sensations, “Been Out in the Rain”
  5. Vandoliers, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”
  6. CANA!, “R U in Luv?”
  7. Slanderous Mambo, “Infinite Unknown”
  8. Ting Tang Tina, “Honeybee”
  9. L25, “Money”
  10. The Prof. Fuzz 63, “Nadine Codeine”
  11. Neutral on Paul, “Pills”
  12. Circle Burn, “Nothing Better to Do”
  13. Griffin Tucker, “Heart Full of Love”
  14. Holy Roller Baby, “Drag the Lake”
  15. Lydia Low, “Coward’s Road”
  16. Modern Nations (ft. Denitia), “Shut Down”
  17. Ron Bultongez, “Roses Eyes”
  18. Relick, “la magie”
  19. Helium Queens, “Star Gazer”
  20. Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers, “I Long to Come Home”
  21. The Matthew Show, “The Lake Worth Monster”
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