The Top 101 Songs of 2020


For those who missed it, last night’s Top 20+20 Countdown of 2020 was quite the celebration, and that was especially true for those who were a part of the broadcast. The Ghost is so grateful for everyone’s participation in the event, as well as the donations received to help Deep Ellum Radio with its operating expenses. Anyone who still wishes to donate can send money through the Venmo account of station owner Kim Keebler (@Kim-Keebler).

In case you did miss it, I am bringing you not just the Top 20+20 songs (aka 40), but I have consolidated the entire Top 101 into a singular Spotify playlist. I also chose a photo that I feel is the perfect representation of 2020. What you’re looking at is the infamous Shingle Mountain in Southeast Dallas. Unlike all the wonderful businesses that were forced to shut down that I highlighted in past photos, the filth of Shingle Mountain is still with us. And in a year filled with racial strife, Shingle Mountain is itself a symbol of racial inequality. Simply put, only a section of town that is poor and predominantly minority would find itself the recipient of such an ugly monument.

There is one more similarity between Shingle Mountain and 2020, and it’s reason for hope. You see, both 2020 and Shingle Mountain are destined to be part of the past. Yes, it will take more than a day to eradicate this mountain of trash, but work is already on its way. With all the economic and personal devastation in 2020, it bears reminding that there are signs of improvement on the way.

And now, I present the Top 101 songs of the year. These tunes offered comfort, solace, hope, and even joy in a year that seemed as filled with emotional trash as Shingle Mountain has physical trash. So listen, enjoy, and remember the best part of 2020: the music.

  1. Anna Larson, “Lonelier Than Me”
  2. Kirk Thurmond, “Strangers”
  3. Buenos Diaz, “Dream”
  4. Itchy Richie and the Burning Sensations, “Been Out in the Rain”
  5. Vandoliers, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”
  6. CANA!, “R U in Luv?”
  7. Slanderous Mambo, “Infinite Unknown”
  8. Ting Tang Tina, “Honeybee”
  9. L25, “Money”
  10. The Prof. Fuzz 63, “Nadine Codeine”
  11. Neutral on Paul, “Pills”
  12. Circle Burn, “Nothing Better to Do”
  13. Griffin Tucker, “Heart Full of Love”
  14. Holy Roller Baby, “Drag the Lake”
  15. Lydia Low, “Coward’s Road”
  16. Modern Nations (ft. Denitia), “Shut Down”
  17. Ron Bultongez, “Roses Eyes”
  18. Relick, “la magie”
  19. Helium Queens, “Star Gazer”
  20. Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers, “I Long to Come Home”
  21. The Matthew Show, “The Lake Worth Monster”
  22. Corner Suns, “The Driver IS The Traffic”
  23. The Static Creatures, “No Love in This Town”
  24. Somogyi, “The Kind of Love”
  25. Elizabeth Wills, “Walking Each Other Home”
  26. Bastards of Soul, “I’ve Got the Key”
  27. Salim Nourallah, “Assassins”
  28. Bayleigh Cheek, “Tale of an Immortal”
  29. Nick Snyder & The Real Deal, “Reading Your Mind”
  30. Blake Vaughn, “Eulogy”
  31. Loafers, “Square”
  32. Upsetting, “Donnie”
  33. Sunbuzzed, “Sci-Fi-Hi”
  34. Siamese Hips, “Analysis Paralysis”
  35. Joshua Ray Walker, “Cupboard”
  36. Simone Nicole, “Tangerine”
  37. D and Chi (ft. Emma Olivier), “What Could’ve Been”
  38. Margaret Chavez, “Into an Atmosphere”
  39. CAMINA, “Cinnamon”
  40. Dead Heirs, “I Wanna Be Yours”
  41. Henry the Archer, “Venus”
  42. The Bralettes, “Differently”
  43. LO, “Second Coming”
  44. Ryker Hall, “East Texas Speed”
  45. Joseph Fisher-Schramm, “Jade and Honey”
  46. Bomethius, “Eye Surgery II”
  47. Cody Lynn Boyd, “I Want You Near”
  48. Alex O’aiza, “Hazy”
  49. Nicholas Altobelli, “Midnight Radio”
  50. Danielle Grubb, “Near or Far”
  51. Somebody’s Darling, “Mean Eyes”
  52. Cryptolog, “Drink Deeply”
  53. Jessie Frye, “No Sleep”
  54. Uh Oh Jiminy, “Blackeyed and Bulletproof”
  55. Van Darien, “American Steel”
  56. The Texas Gentlemen, “Easy St.”
  57. Bree & the Fellas, “Man of the Sun”
  58. Glenda, “Voices”
  59. Lorelei K, “Dragon Slaying Mythic Girl Singing Hymns”
  60. Garrett Owen, “These Modern Times”
  61. Mountain Natives, “Silent Hour”
  62. Rei Clone, “Taste Test”
  63. PRIZM, “Can’t Bring Us Down”
  64. Charley Crockett, “Welcome to Hard Times”
  65. Deep Red, “Box of Memories”
  66. Chilldren of Indigo, “Wake Up”
  67. Peyton Stilling, “Love Language”
  68. Tayla Parx, “Dance Alone”
  69. Caved Mountains, “Hallway of Mirrors”
  70. Scott Collins, “Headed North”
  71. The Chance Encounters, “Lost Time”
  72. LEV, “It Was U”
  73. Charlie J Memphis, “Trophy Wife””
  74. Daniel Markham, “Armadillo”
  75. Nite, “Hurt No More”
  76. Lance Patterson, “Panacea”
  77. Taylor Young Band, “Get Around”
  78. Audiobaton, “Wonder”
  79. Aztec Milk Temple, “Digital Natives”
  80. Clifffs, “You Are Freaking Out”
  81. Texicana, “Yer Blues”
  82. Kaatii, “Afraid of the Dark”
  83. Hightower, “Treading Water”
  84. Sevit, “Birds of Prey”
  85. Ireland, “Kevin Young’s Cat (A Savior Like Me)”
  86. In Earnest, “Someday”
  87. Rosegarden Funeral Party, “Salvation and Saving Face”
  88. Def Rain, “Exit”
  89. John Earle Mainord, “Some Kind of Understanding”
  90. Ellen Once Again, “I Need a Sign”
  91. Erika Lynn Lewis, “Gas & Fire”
  92. The Deathray Davies, “Then You Met Me”
  93. Mean Motor Scooter, “The Void”
  94. Karyna Micaela, “Just Love You”
  95. Remy Reilly, “Just Stop”
  96. Josh and the Jet Noise, “What Could Go Wrong”
  97. Matthew McNeal, “All or Nothing”
  98. The Belle Sounds, “Until the Light Comes Up”
  99. Old 97’s, “Turn Off the TV”
  100. Penny and Dime, “Follow You”
  101. Caterpillars, “Tangents”

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