The Top 20+20 of 2020

Top 40 Collage 2020 final

In addition to spending far too many hours compiling and ranking my list of favorite songs of 2020, I also spent way too much time creating this collage poster to promote my Top 20+20 countdown. If you haven’t heard about it yet, The Ghost will be broadcasting live on Deep Ellum Radio this Wednesday, beginning at 7 PM.  I will also be featuring a plethora of special guests courtesy of the power of Zoom. Who will those guests be you ask? I’m not saying, largely because I’m not even sure who all will be showing up.  If you want to be a part of the live event, then Talk to the Ghost, and I will give you the details of how to participate.

But back to the collage.  Within this collage, every one of the songs in the Top 40 section of the countdown is represented here. Some are visual representations of the song title, others represent the artist name, while some represent the album or EP that the song is found on. And in some instances where none of those three categories is easily represented visually, I simply inserted a snippet of the album/EP/single artwork into the collage, found below.

Top 40 Collage 2020 final

Now some of you are probably staring at this collage, trying to determine the songs in the countdown. I am not giving away any answers, but I will give you some examples of how this would work with songs that charted between #41 and #101.

Many of these are pictures that represent the name of the song. For example, the picture below is that of a tangerine. And what was song #66 on the countdown? It was a song by Simone Nicole called… you guessed it… “Tangerine”.


Sometimes the picture somehow represents the name of the artist. Take the photo below. No, it isn’t Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.  It is, however, round like a ring, and it is fire, which burns.  So if you guessed the artist is Circle Burn, you’d be correct.

Circle of Fire

Here’s an example where the photo represents the name of an album.  As you see, it’s two people kissing in the rain.  All you Jessie Frye fans out there are probably screaming Kiss Me in the Rain – and you’d be right!

Kissing in the Rain

No, there are not any prizes for figuring out the songs in the Top 40. I do figure though there are a few music nerds out there who like brain teasers, just like The Ghost. So study the picture, spread it around on social media if you like, and take a few guesses if you dare.

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