Top Songs of 2020: #60-51

Highland Park 2020

If you want recaps, you can go back and visit the following sections of the countdown:

Songs #101-81
Songs #80-71
Songs #70-61

On this Christmas Eve, we shall wrap up the bottom end of the countdown. And for today’s photo, instead of honoring a bar or music venue that shut its doors permanent, The Ghost pays tribute to one of the most iconic eateries in Dallas food history. After 90 plus years of serving food, the line of people going through the Highland Park Cafeteria has ended.

But fear not, I am serving one last portion of the countdown before Christmas. Countdown shenanigans shall resume on Monday.

  1. The Bralettes, “Differently”
  2. LO, “Second Coming”
  3. Ryker Hall, “East Texas Speed”
  4. Joseph Fisher-Schramm, “Jade and Honey”
  5. Bomethius, “Eye Surgery II”
  6. Cody Lynn Boyd, “I Want You Near”
  7. Alex O’aiza, “Hazy”
  8. Nicholas Altobelli, “Midnight Radio”
  9. Danielle Grubb, “Near or Far”
  10. Somebody’s Darling, “Mean Eyes”

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