The Top Songs of 2020: #80-71

Lizard Lounge 2020

There’s nothing like a good countdown to get readers excited, you know? The Ghost is bringing you the next ten songs on the countdown, and I am paying tribute to another venue that Dallas lost this year. Today’s selection is the iconic Lizard Lounge. While Lizard Lounge may not have been as much a traditional live music venue as nightclub, it survived the Dallas nightclub terrain for nearly 30 years, which I’m pretty sure is at least 210 in nightclub years. So enjoy this portion of the countdown, plus I am offering up a teaser of sorts: keep your evening of December 30th open. That’s all I’m gonna say, for now…

  1. Corner Suns, “The Driver IS The Traffic”
  2. The Static Creatures, “No Love in This Town”
  3. Somogyi, “The Kind of Love”
  4. Elizabeth Wills, “Walking Each Other Home”
  5. Bastards of Soul, “I’ve Got the Key”
  6. Salim Nourallah, “Assassins”
  7. Bayleigh Cheek, “Tale of an Immortal”
  8. Nick Snyder & The Real Deal, “Reading Your Mind”
  9. Blake Vaughn, “Eulogy”
  10. Loafers, “Square”
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