Two for Your Attention This Tuesday: 1/19/21

two for attention 20210119

I’ll keep this brief, as there’s so much that will be going on within the next 24 hours. There are two new releases, however, that I felt compelled to share. The first is from Edgar Derby, who will be releasing a new album next month. Based on the samples I’ve heard, Dancing in Death/The Place Where the River Makes a Sound is gonna be one very strong release. I almost featured this new track, “Ordinary Men”, on yesterday’s playlist. Alas, there was only one “O” slot on my acrostic playlist. I opted to give it to Emmeline, whose message in “Orlando” I felt needed to be heard within its context. But I also figured that “Ordinary Men” deserved a platform of its very own, and now it only competes with one other song for your attention.

Speaking of the events of the next 24 hours, check out the latest from Austin act Buenos Diaz called “Election Day”. Give it a listen, and let’s be the change, okay?

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