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Blogging, at its best, is a privilege.  The opportunity to share music and news in our local community (and beyond) brings me more joy than you may realize.  At its worst, however, it can feel like an added duty.  A large amount of work goes into the Monday Mixteen segments, as well as a Ten for Your Attention.  While consistency is a key to the success of any website, the ability to stay consistent (particularly if the blog isn’t your primary job) is a challenge.  I wanted to create a segment that is relatively low maintenance, but will also help provide exposure to deserving musicians, as well as other contributors to the local music community.

I had a flashback to the days when #followfriday (or #ff) was a thing on Twitter.  You know, back when Twitter was more than a place for certain politicians to rant about the lamestream media and warn people of the dangers of windmill cancer.  But I digress…

The concept of #followfriday was simple: share the handles of other Twitter followers that you felt others should be following.  Twitter may not be as strong of a platform as it once was for musicians, but Instagram is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media sites for, well, pretty much everyone.

So instead of resuming #followfriday on Twitter, I’m bringing what I call the Follow Friday Five to Instagram.  It will be five accounts that, for whatever reason, I believe you should be following.  This will only be an Instagram thing, so if you aren’t follow The Ghost on Instagram yet, now would be the time to start.  And since this is the inaugural edition of the event, I decided to share it on the blog as well.  But just this once.

Now, on with the five, and the reasons you should follow these IG pages.

  1. Deep Ellum Radio
    Full disclosure: as you probably know, I host a radio show on the station, and I help ensure the quality of the music playing on the station.  So yes, The Ghost is undoubtedly biased in this recommendation.  Still, this project is not by me, but has been a labor of love for the past decade for station owner Kim Taylor.  The station’s goal is to represent the various musical facets of the Deep Ellum neighborhood.  Past DJ’s on the station have included Chelsea Callahan, Robert Miguel, and Ian Saint, just to name a few.  And our current lineup is pretty dang strong too, featuring recent DOMA nominee DJ Crash and his show Beyond Punk, as well as on hiatus shows like Savant Garde (featuring The Ghost’s favorite idiot, Dillan Potter of Koppur Thief) and The Incinerator (hosted by Skar and Evie of Circle Burn).  And yes, The Ghost will be running new episodes starting in March.
  2. Culture-Hype
    The newest entry of Deep Ellum Radio shows is #WCW (airing Wednesdays at 11 AM), and it may prove to be the biggest show the station has ever featured.  Hosted by Amber LaFrance of Culture-Hype, the show spotlights a variety of musical styles of the amazing women that are part of the DFW (and Texas) music community.  The station could not have gotten a better host for this show than Ms. LaFrance.  The work that she does with Culture-Hype manages to promote the best that Dallas to offer not only in terms of music, but all artistic ventures, as well as special events and other brands and products.  In fact, those musicians who know The Ghost can tell you that the PR firm I most strongly recommend is Culture-Hype, hands down.
  3. Emmeline
    Here’s another recent addition to the dysfunctional Deep Ellum Radio family. Emmeline is hosting her two new podcast ventures, Journey of a Song and Journey of an Artist, on our station.  JOAS, airing Thursday night at 7 PM CST, finds Emmeline diving very deep into the songwriting process of a particular song with a local musician, as well as featuring an acoustic rendition of a song as well as the final recorded product.  JOAA airs Sunday afternoon at 5 PM CST, and Emmeline interviews creative types and discusses their struggles and success as they pursue their artistic dreams.  Oh, and she also is a recording artist, college professor, host at Dallas Music Network, and is also pursuing a doctorate degree.  So yeah, she’s a total slacker.
  4. Brianna Ruelas
    Speaking of Journey of an Artist, Sunday night’s guest will be Brianna Ruelas.  She managed to parlay her pursuit of the American Idol dream (Season 4 contestant, voted out during Hollywood week) into a full-time career coaching others down the reality career path.  Her latest book, Make Reality TV Your Reality, is an easy yet informative read about the trials of being a contestant on a reality talent show.  One of the facets I appreciated the most about the book is that she encourages contestants to realize that these shows are stepping stones within a music career, and not the ultimate career goal.  I would recommend anyone interested in making a run at American Idol, The Voice, etc. to check out her book.  She is also hosting a reality singing show summit February 24th-26th filled with former contestants, vocal coaches, and casting producers among others.
  5. Skinny Cooks
    Finally, I bring to you the band Skinny Cooks, who serve up the funk and jazz with their latest single “Leviathan”.  And keeping with the Deep Ellum Radio theme here, band member Bri Sargent hosts The Robot Sonata every Sunday night at 7 CST.  Her show explores the more experimental sides of electronica and EDM, and is one of the most unique hours of radio that DER has the privilege of hosting.

The Follow Friday Five will return next week, but only on Instagram.  And I promise that next week’s entries will have no connection to Deep Ellum Radio.

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