Where The Ghost Will Be Tonight: 6/18/21

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Have you ever noticed that on a musician’s birthday, they always want to play their music?  Forget a chance to just relax and enjoy performances by their friends and favorite acts.  Nope, most it seems would rather take the opportunity to be on stage themselves.

Tonight is the birthday of Leah Lane, who will be taking the stage not once, but two times tonight at Three Links.  The headliner of the show is not surprisingly Leah’s band, Rosegarden Funeral Party, the area’s premiere goth-rock act.  Prior to the RFP set, however, Ms. Lane will be onstage with Secrecies, as she just recently turned the act from a duo into a trio.  This will only be the second performance of the band with Leah playing guitar along side founding members Shawn Magill and Joey Noga.  Rounding out the bill will be Dallas acts Paper Saints and Lorelei K, along with Oakland based darkwave artist Vio\ator.

This show also marks something of a return for The Ghost.  It’s not technically my first show since the pandemic, as I did attend Nicholas Altobelli’s Opening Bell Coffee show last Saturday.  It is, however, the first (relatively) large scale show that I have attend since COVID landed in our country.  I have admittedly been slow and extremely cautious in regards to resuming day to day activities, even though I have been fully vaccinated.  I feel it is time for me to have some return to normalcy, whatever that may look like.  More to the point, I feel the need to see my friends and the music community that I so dearly love.

So if you have the time and inclination to do so tonight, join me at Three Links as I wish a happy birthday to one of Dallas’ most talented ladies.

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