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Deep Ellum is, first and foremost, and entertainment district.  The majority of the business in the neighborhood are centered around events regarding shopping, dining, and most importantly, music.  When I hear the words “Deep Ellum”, music venues are the first businesses to come to mind.  Trees.  Three Links.  Dada.  Adair’s.  The Free Man.  These are just some of the venues that provide the soundtrack to Deep Ellum.

Deep Ellum is obviously more than music.  There are a number of great restaurants, art galleries, and shops that provide additional character and entertainment to this area of Dallas.  In addition, Deep Ellum has become an increasingly popular place to live.

On one hand, having more people residing in Deep Ellum can help the economy of the area.  Some of these new residents, however, are discovering that living in the area is a double edged sword.  Yes, you are within walking distance of all the neighborhood’s destination, but all the noise of the neighborhood surrounds you all the time.

These new neighbors have brought complaints to the city of Dallas, and the city has responded by issuing warnings to clubs, threatening them with fines up to $2,000 for their noise levels.  Here’s my problem with that: the venues were here first.  This is not a case where loud venues invaded a neighborhood.  These are people who chose to live in a neighborhood that is vibrant, which also means there’s lots of activity (and yes, noise) all throughout the day and night.  These are factors that should have been considered by these new tenants prior to moving into the neighborhood.  Instead, these new residents are trying to suffocate the essence of what attracted them to the area in the first place.  These potential citations against Deep Ellum venues threaten the livelihood of the venues that are the fabric that hold this neighborhood together.

If you’re like me, you value the great shows and venues that line the streets of Deep Ellum.  You do not want to lose what has made this neighborhood a vital artistic area for years.  You want venues like the ones I mentioned earlier to provide many more years of great concerts from both local and touring acts.  You don’t want Deep Ellum to be silenced.

Jessica Brodsky, a bartender at Green Room, feels the same way.  She began a petition on titled Don’t Silence Deep Ellum TX.  I would encourage you to read the petition, and if you feel as strongly as I do about the matter, sign the petition.  In fact, go a step further and share the petition on social media.  Tell your friends to sign the petition.  Spread the word.  Make the city of Dallas hear our demands.  Let our voices be heard, and let the music be heard in Deep Ellum.

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