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Press Release: The 2nd Annual Ghosty ...


The following is The Ghost’s press release for The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards.  In an unusually rare move, The Ghost is mentioning his personal identity on the site.  The Ghost is, however, omitting the more personal details from the press release like the phone number.  It is, however, given in the actual press release that […]

Are You There Dallas? It’s Me, ...


Dallas, I have something to confess. I’m going through a crisis of faith regarding you as of late. While these feelings have been present for a long while, hearing the news regarding Jeff Gage has brought it to a point where I can no longer stay silent on the issue. This comes after the Dallas […]

Helping Hand

Bravo Hand 1

For the past nine years, The Ghost has been working hard to help promote the great music both in the DFW area and throughout this state.  This is a project I have taken on single-handedly.  While it has always been a challenge, I have mostly been able to do the work/blog juggle.  Lately, however, I […]

The Ghost Is Going to Bandcamp


First, let me say that I feel a little awkward sharing this upcoming post after the tragic events in Dallas last night.  The Ghost’s heart goes out to the family and friends of the officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.  My heart is still heavy, as I’m sure yours is too. […]

Spreading the Love This Music Monday


At its best, the local music community can be a truly nurturing and supportive environment.  I’ve met a number of fabulous people in this community that are genuinely concerned with helping others in the challenges faced being a musician.  As its worst, however, there can be a clique like quality that makes you feel like […]

New Year’s Revolutions: Part II...


This edition of the New Year’s Revolutions posts is admittedly more self-promoting than the others.  Before 2016 began, however, I made a decision that there would be at minimum of one GOBL sponsored show each month this year. How am I doing on my resolution, or should I say revolution?  Well, as you know, I’ve […]



I went to bed last night, thinking some idiot hacked David Bowie’s account, spreading a false rumor regarding his death.  I woke up to the painful truth that the news was hoax; David Bowie was no longer with us.  Like so many of you, this news hit me in the heart.  I cannot think of […]

New Year’s Revolutions: Part II


I regret that my schedule is not allowing me to post as freely as I have the past several weeks.  I have so much in the way of thoughts, ideas, and music to share.  This piece is published far too late.  In fact, I’m giving you barely over half an hour’s notice for this event. […]

New Year’s Revolutions

2016 pic

First of all, let me say that 2015 has been a truly wonderful year for The Ghost. After a two year absence from the blogosphere, I was able to return with an even better version of Ghost of Blind Lemon (thanks to Easy Local Marketing) that no longer required “blogspot” to be part of the […]

Handing You the Keys to the Sunday Pl...


Saturday will be a big day for The Ghost.  First, I’ll be headed to Opening Bell Coffee for my semi-surprise birthday show.  Wait, maybe I’m not supposed to tell you that.  After all, it’s hard to know which events I should be surprised about.  It’s my first semi-surprise birthday party.  Whatever the case is, I’ll […]

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