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New Year’s Revolutions

2016 pic

First of all, let me say that 2015 has been a truly wonderful year for The Ghost. After a two year absence from the blogosphere, I was able to return with an even better version of Ghost of Blind Lemon (thanks to Easy Local Marketing) that no longer required “blogspot” to be part of the […]

Handing You the Keys to the Sunday Pl...


Saturday will be a big day for The Ghost.  First, I’ll be headed to Opening Bell Coffee for my semi-surprise birthday show.  Wait, maybe I’m not supposed to tell you that.  After all, it’s hard to know which events I should be surprised about.  It’s my first semi-surprise birthday party.  Whatever the case is, I’ll […]

What Are Ghost Writings?


Sometimes, a Ghost just wants to rant.  Those who know me can tell you that I can be rather opinionated about the problems in the local music scene.  Ghost of Blind Lemon provides me a way to express these opinions.  From time to time, I’ll be posting articles that don’t clearly fit under any of […]

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