The Follow Friday Five

first followfriday

Blogging, at its best, is a privilege.  The opportunity to share music and news in our local community (and beyond) brings me more joy than you may realize.  At its worst, however, it can feel like an added duty.  A large amount of work goes into the Monday Mixteen segments, as well as a Ten […]

Ten for Your Attention: 2/16/2021

Ten for Your Attention 20210216

I do realize that many of y’all will not get to pay the normal level of attention to these ten tracks.  That’s what being without power or internet in the midst of the coldest Dallas weather in The Ghost’s lifetime will do.  Fortunately, these ten songs will not suffer from hypothermia if you don’t listen […]

Monday Mixteen: 2/15/21

Monday Mixteen 20210215

The Ghost hopes everyone is staying warm this Monday, and please stay off the roads if at all possible.  This winter weather is nothing to play around with. I figure that my readers need something to help keep them warm.  While I cannot do anything to help your levels of physical warmth, perhaps this playlist […]

Monday Mixteen: 2/7/21

Monday Mixteen 20210208

It’s true that The Ghost has not recorded any new episodes of GOBL Radio so far this year.  That will likely not change until sometime in March.  Let’s not forget, though, that GOBL Radio is far from the only show on the station.  For starters, you can listen to DJ Crash’s Beyond Punk show every […]

Two for Your Attention This Tuesday: ...

two for attention 20210119

I’ll keep this brief, as there’s so much that will be going on within the next 24 hours. There are two new releases, however, that I felt compelled to share. The first is from Edgar Derby, who will be releasing a new album next month. Based on the samples I’ve heard, Dancing in Death/The Place […]

Monday Mixteen: 1/18/21

Monday Mixteen 20210118

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. It is a quote that has been running through my mind a lot lately, and even more so since the events of January 6th.  Those words have served as an anchor to my mind, helping me not […]

Ten for Your Attention This Tuesday: ...

Ten for Attention 20210112

It took a bit of digging, but I found ten cool brand new songs released in 2021 worthy of your attention. The weather may be cool, but not as cool as these songs. I begin the list with a joyful tune that Ellen Once Again dropped on New Year’s Day. After all the chaos we […]

Two for Your Attention This Tuesday: ...

Two for Attention 20210105

The Ghost is not one to partake in New Year’s resolutions, as they are far too easy to break. Still, I aim to enter the new year reinvigorated, ready to bring focus to the great musical talent found in Dallas and throughout our state. While it will be impossible for me to promise I will […]

The Top 101 Songs of 2020


For those who missed it, last night’s Top 20+20 Countdown of 2020 was quite the celebration, and that was especially true for those who were a part of the broadcast. The Ghost is so grateful for everyone’s participation in the event, as well as the donations received to help Deep Ellum Radio with its operating […]

The Top 20+20 of 2020

Top 40 Collage 2020 final

In addition to spending far too many hours compiling and ranking my list of favorite songs of 2020, I also spent way too much time creating this collage poster to promote my Top 20+20 countdown. If you haven’t heard about it yet, The Ghost will be broadcasting live on Deep Ellum Radio this Wednesday, beginning […]

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