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The Top 101 Songs of 2017: #70-61

MMR two

Enjoy today’s segment of my Top 101 songs of 2017.  I’ll be taking a break from the countdown until Tuesday, when the bottom half of the countdown will be concluded.  Today, though, we focus on #70-61. Little Beards, “Office Matinee” Can Sean Kirkpartick do no wrong in the arena of electronic music? This song seems […]

Monday Mixteen 10/30/17: Part 1

Monday Mixteen 20171030

With the end of October being upon us, this seemed the appropriate time to do a recap of some of the best new music of the month.  I also wanted to do an all covers themed Monday Mixteen playlist.  After much thought, the solution became clear.  One playlist wouldn’t be enough today.  Part 2 of […]

(Half of a) Ten for Your Attention Th...

artemus at sun

What does a Ghost do when there’s more killer tunes to share than there is time in one’s life to write about such music?  You split the difference down the middle, and do an abridged Ten for Your Attention.  I am setting a goal for doing a full size one next week, as there were […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 8/28/16

cassette (10)

First off, thanks to all who attended last night’s birthday debauchery at Double-Wide.  I thank Veronica Young for being a trooper and hosting the event, even though hours before she had a molar extracted; that’s dedication.  Thanks to Double-Wide, who were one of the most enjoyable staffs I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  And […]

Where the Ghost Will Be Tonight: 8/27...

birds of night meat

In all fairness, I should state there are two shows worth mentioning.  My friends in Signals and Alibis are holding their EP release show for Looks Like Rain, with Public Love Affair, Paper Saints, and Little Science also on that bill at Dada.  Down the street, the always cool King Camel is throwing its three year […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 8/21/16

tdk d90

Birds of Night, “Dark” The Cover Letter, “Her Eyes, the Ocean” Cut Throat Finches, “Boundaries” You should know the deal by now, but in case you don’t, here’s a summary.  August 27th.  Double-Wide.  Ghost of Blind Lemon Birthday Bash.  Birds of Night.  The Cover Letter.  Cut Throat Finches.  The Heavy Hands.  Hosted by Veronica Young […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 8/14/16


Rei Clone, “Ready to Die” I may have liked Rei Clone the first time I heard them with their self-titled EP, but Wet gives me a whole new level of appreciation for the band.  Their Bandcamp page uses the labels punk and shoegaze, but I feel the phrase “organized chaos” is the best way to describe […]

Birthday Show Announcement Time


It’s time to announce my birthday show line-up.  As always, a birthday announcement should be treated as a formal, sophisticated event.  And when you think of sophistication, one Dallas venue comes clearly to mind: Double-Wide.  Finally, nothing symbolizes the beauty of the birthday like a beautiful, well decorated cake that… Hmmm… that cake in the […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen Squared: Part ...


I suppose I can no longer say it’s a Sunday Spotify Sixteen, being Monday and all.  Still, I wanted to share the remainder of these playlists with you.  I’ll admit, these playlists were ordered alphabetically by artist.  Normally, The Ghost prefers to order the songs in such a way that there’s an ebb and flow […]

The Winner of March Musical Madness I...

The Winner of March Musical Madness Is…

Drum roll please… … … … You thought I was kidding about the drum roll, didn’t you. Well I’m not. I’m trying to build up the anticipation. I mean, after the past month of battle, I know you’re anxiously awaiting the results. Did Vandoliers take the prize with their rockin’ country attitude, or will Birds […]

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