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Sunday Spotify 16: 4/9/17


As you’re probably aware, Pete Freedman has clearly set the record straight on how awful the Deep Ellum Arts Festival is.  I felt it was my duty to help back up his opinion, so I designed a playlist that clearly shows the lack of talent held by those playing the festival.  I apologize for having […]

The Ghost 101 Countdown of 2016: #40-...

Photo by: Ashley D'Anna

I hope that everyone out there has had a fabulous Christmas weekend full of joy and love.  The Ghost also hopes that everyone is rested, refreshed, and recharged, because this week the countdown gets serious.  We’re about to enter the Top 40 portion of the countdown.  For the next three days (including today), The Ghost […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 11/27/16

basf cassette

So, last week I was kinda busy with all that Ghosty Award stuff, so there was no Sunday Spotify 16 playlist.  Many of the weeks beforehand, the playlists revolved around nominated acts.  That means this week’s Sunday Spotify 16 is the first regular playlist in a long, long time.  So let’s begin, shall we? Charley […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 11/13/16

tdk sax90 photo

Next Sunday, the results for The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards shall be revealed. I hope you’ll be there at Three Links when the big ceremony goes down. To help get you ready, here’s another playlist focusing on several of the nominees. Don’t forget that you can continue to vote all the way up until Saturday […]

Video Premiere: “Octapush”...

ducado octapush

Yes, The Ghost has been in a quiet zone as of late. Lots of thoughts brewing in my mind, plus working on preparations for the 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards ceremony. More on that in the coming days… I hadn’t planned to post anything today, but when you get a chance to debut a new song […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 10/16/16

basf tape

Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, “Blindfold” “Blindfold” is the perfect blending of what Ducado and Zenya are: a funky yet rocking mix that draws equal parts influence from Prince and Evanescence.  Actually, that statement isn’t accurate.  The song is a perfect blending of what they were.  Their new EP, Black OuT, looks to be the […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 3/27/2016

cassette ss16 20160327

The Roomsounds, “Take it All Wrong” Now that Elm St. is on Spotify, I figured this would be a great song for kicking off the playlist.  The intro to this song is killer, especially the strong drum beat provided by Dan Malone. Giant Kitty, “Borrow My Skirt” This weekend is the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, and […]

On the 6th Through 9th Days of Christ...


OK, so I’m way behind on my gift giving. I’m going to try to make it up with the following verses: Nine songwriters singing Eight moons a waving Seven times for all you’ve done Six oranges jibing I’m combining several giveaways in this one post.  However, you can only win ONE of these prizes, and […]

The Best Local Songs of 2015: #50-41


It’s hard to believe how close this is to being over. This is the last official blog post before tonight’s big live reveal. As always, we’ll take a moment to review, because I’d hate for anyone to lose track. Intake, “Innocent Few” TALL, “Back and Forth” International Bitterness Unit, “Push B for Basement” The Wife […]

101, Part II: This One Really Goes to...

Artist #84 on the Countdown - Meia

Alright, so I made a little typo yesterday.  Hey, at least I didn’t break Miss Columbia’s heart with my mistake.  But I will finally reach number 81 today, just like I said I would in the title of yesterday’s post. But first, let’s do a recap of #101-91, shall we? Intake, “Innocent Few” TALL, “Back […]

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