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1½ GOBL Show Announcements


April will be a busy month for The Ghost.  You may be aware of my showcase Friday, April 8th at The Underpass featuring Nervous Curtains, Hawk vs. Dove, and International Bitterness Unit.  I mean, I’ve only been trying to mention the show every chance that I can.  In case that isn’t enough Ghostness for you, […]

101, Part II: This One Really Goes to...

Artist #84 on the Countdown - Meia

Alright, so I made a little typo yesterday.  Hey, at least I didn’t break Miss Columbia’s heart with my mistake.  But I will finally reach number 81 today, just like I said I would in the title of yesterday’s post. But first, let’s do a recap of #101-91, shall we? Intake, “Innocent Few” TALL, “Back […]

Ten for Your Attention: 12/14/15

rei clone

Maybe a sixteen song playlist a week isn’t enough local music for you.  Maybe you want a supersize portion of new songs from all over the fine state of Texas.  Maybe you just think the phrase “Ten for Your Attention” has a nice ring to it.  Hey, I certainly think it does.  The point is, […]

The Full List of Ghosty Winners

The 1st Annual Ghosty Awards

First of all, I have so many thank you’s to give, as there are so many people who helped make last night something very special.  Thanks to the entire staff at The Underpass for being gracious and wonderful hosts, and for making sure everything went smoothly.  Obviously, I have to thank the musicians.  Camille Schuh, […]

Sunday Sixteen Playlist: 10/18/15


No Spotify or Soundcloud this week.  This is just a playlist of songs I’ve uploaded to WordPress.  All the acts are nominees for this year’s Ghosty Awards, which will be held Sunday, November 22nd at The Underpass.  I swear, I really will be releasing details on performers soon.  In the meantime, give these sixteen songs […]

Ghost of Blind Lemon Sampler


Right before Hands Across Deep Ellum, I decided to make a CD to give out as a way of promoting both the blog and many of the artists that I like.  I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this CD, of which I only had the time to make ten.  All ten copies have […]

Music Monday: Marshall Method


It’s been too long since I’ve given a Music Monday recommendation, but I discovered a duo that’s worth keeping an eye on.  Their name is Marshall Method, and I learned of them through Meia.  I believe they’ve also performed with her at Local Public House before.  One of the videos on their FB page is […]

Top 10 Things to Know This Tuesday: 7...


In last week’s article on Meia, I stated that she would not be playing tonight at Plano’s Local Public House.  But she is playing tonight.  I was wrong.  It happens sometimes. Hopefully, in the very near future, you’ll be hearing more from me on Deep Ellum Radio.  That means my show Ghost of Blind Lemon […]

Here Comes a Regular: Meia

Artist #84 on the Countdown - Meia

I’m starting a series of articles called Here Comes a Regular in honor of the musicians who have weekly shows (or at least semi-regular shows) at a particular venue.  And yes, the name of the series is a nod to The Replacements. The first act to be featured in the series is Meia, who performs […]

Music Monday: A Review of the Year Th...

Music Monday: A Review of the Year Thus Far

One of the greatest joys for me as a blogger is the ability to bring exposure to lesser known local acts.  That was a major focus of GOBL in the Blogspot days, and will continue to be a priority on this site.  Every Monday, I plan to find at least one musical act to bring […]

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