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The Ghost 101 Countdown: The Bottom H...

cantina cover photo

Today’s reveal on the countdown will show songs #60-51. Instead of just displaying those ten songs, however, it seemed like a good time to do a full on recap. So here you go, #101 all the way to #51. That completes the bottom half of the countdown. Alright, so technically it’s a little less than […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen Squared: Part ...


I suppose I can no longer say it’s a Sunday Spotify Sixteen, being Monday and all.  Still, I wanted to share the remainder of these playlists with you.  I’ll admit, these playlists were ordered alphabetically by artist.  Normally, The Ghost prefers to order the songs in such a way that there’s an ebb and flow […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 3/27/2016

cassette ss16 20160327

The Roomsounds, “Take it All Wrong” Now that Elm St. is on Spotify, I figured this would be a great song for kicking off the playlist.  The intro to this song is killer, especially the strong drum beat provided by Dan Malone. Giant Kitty, “Borrow My Skirt” This weekend is the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, and […]

March Musical Madness: The Great 8


Sorry on the delay, but I do have your results on the latest round of the March Musical Madness, and this has been a crazy, unpredictable tournament so far. We’re now down to eight acts, and I’m attaching their Bandcamp widgets so you can sample before you vote. Have to have an informed electorate, you […]

VW (Video Wednesday): 3/9/2016

moonwaves warfare

I’m still waiting on the Volkswagen sponsorship for these posts.  Maybe someone could reach out and encourage them to support the blog.  In the meantime, since it’s Wednesday, how about a couple of videos? Let’s kick off the post with a brand new song and video from Moon Waves.  You can purchase “Warfare” on iTunes […]

Let the March Musical Madness Begin!

march madness basketball

Back in 2007-2008 or so, Hunter Hawk began a cool feature on what I believe was the then Guide Live website (forgive my bad memory, as I’ve slept since then). He did a March Madness style battle of local bands. I loved the concept, and I regretted that he did not make it a yearly […]

Where the Ghost Will Be Tonight: 1/2/...

party moon daniel camel

Generally speaking, there’s not much going on in terms of shows right after New Year’s.  It’s usually a time where, to be honest, clubs do not put on A grade shows. Someone forgot to tell King Camel Productions about that unspoken rule.  The talent buyer’s first show of the year, declaring it the “Year of […]

On the 6th Through 9th Days of Christ...


OK, so I’m way behind on my gift giving. I’m going to try to make it up with the following verses: Nine songwriters singing Eight moons a waving Seven times for all you’ve done Six oranges jibing I’m combining several giveaways in this one post.  However, you can only win ONE of these prizes, and […]

The Full List of Ghosty Winners

The 1st Annual Ghosty Awards

First of all, I have so many thank you’s to give, as there are so many people who helped make last night something very special.  Thanks to the entire staff at The Underpass for being gracious and wonderful hosts, and for making sure everything went smoothly.  Obviously, I have to thank the musicians.  Camille Schuh, […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 11/22/2015


Simply stated, the Sunday Spotify Sixteen suggests a strong love of alliteration. Such a love is most strongly shown for the sound of S. Since I needed to save some time today because of the supreme importance of tonight’s special Ghosty Awards at The Underpass, I simply selected sixteen superb songs starting with S. Centro-matic, […]

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