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What I’ve Missed in May

hightower image
Photo of Hightower by Cal Quinn/Aly Fae

Alright, so May hasn’t been my month.  In fact, this is the first blog post of May, and the entire month happened with zero episodes of GOBL Radio.  Here’s hoping that the summer months are kinder to Ghosts.  In fact, you can count on more announcements, articles, etc. from GOBL in the coming days and […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen Squared: Part ...


I suppose I can no longer say it’s a Sunday Spotify Sixteen, being Monday and all.  Still, I wanted to share the remainder of these playlists with you.  I’ll admit, these playlists were ordered alphabetically by artist.  Normally, The Ghost prefers to order the songs in such a way that there’s an ebb and flow […]

The Best Local Songs of 2015: #80-71


First, here’s a brief recap: Intake, “Innocent Few” TALL, “Back and Forth” International Bitterness Unit, “Push B for Basement” The Wife and Kids, “Soundclock” Spyche, “Heading Out” Brian Lambert, “The Ballad of Tony Romo” Griffin Holtby, “Cut the Strings (feat. Camille Schuh)” Prism Cloud, “Bogged Down” Blessin’, “Rough Draft” Foxy & The Hares, “L-O-V-E” Dead […]

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