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Monday Mixteen: 1/7/2019

Monday Mixteen 20180107

Happy new year to all my GOBL readers.  It’s time for the first Monday Mixteen of 2019.  It feels like it should be an opportunity to explore the future of new music.  I learned, however, that January 7th is Old Rock Day.  It only seems appropriate that we examine some old rock.  The term old […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 5/7/17

daisy cassette

Before I begin this playlist, let me give a big thank you to Kinsley August and everyone involved in the show A Tale of Three Folks at Plano Arts Centre Theatre.  Thanks to the crew from both Silas Nello and Glass Canons, to the Arts Centre Theatre staff, and everyone who attended the show. Now, […]

Throwback Thursday: Rubber Gloves Edi...


It’s a sad weekend for Denton music lovers.  Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio is such an institution in little D that it seems impossible to imagine the town without it.  Yet on Monday, RGRS shuts down its doors for good.  Let it not be said, however, that the venue is going quietly into the night.  Tomorrow […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen Squared: 4/10/...


So, I had this genius idea.  I wanted to do sixteen of my Sunday Spotify Sixteen playlist in one day.  Each playlist would encompass one year of the 21st century, ranging from 2001 to the unfinished year of 2016.  And for the record, the year 2000 is still part of the 20th century.  But, I […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 4/3/2016

sanyo cassette

Nervous Curtains, “White Flashes” Hawk vs. Dove, “The Sabbath” Because if I don’t plug my show this Friday at The Underpass featuring Nervous Curtains, Hawk vs. Dove, and International Bitterness Unit, who will? Dove Hunter, “Dream Catcher” In case you’re keeping score at home, it’s currently Hawk with 1 and Dove with 2. Pageantry, “Girl […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 3/6/16


Kaela Sinclair, “Original Sin” From my first listen to Ms. Sinclair, I knew that she had the talent to go far in the world of music.  This Friday, she announced that she’d be joining M83 as their keyboard player.  I congratulate Kaela on this significant accomplishment, and hope this opens even more doors for her […]

Take Two: Handing You the Keys to the...

Car salesman handing car keys to man in showroom, close-up

I tried this about a month ago, with limited success.  This time, I’ve changed things up a bit.  No longer will I be asking you to select songs and write about them.  I’ll do the writing, and I’m even selecting the candidates for which songs will be on the playlist.  I sorted through eighty of […]

Cream of the Calendar: 8/7/15

jonathan tyler guitar

I hope everyone’s been taking advantage of the calendar option on this website.  I work hard as possible to compile the most comprehensive list of quality shows in the metroplex.  I counted the list of shows for this weekend, and from today to Sunday, I have a total of 17 listed options.  That number may […]

Something to Slobber Over This Throwb...

slobberbone sundown

Tomorrow is the CD release party for Your Dog, Champ at Dan’s Silverleaf.  After twenty some odd years as the lead singer of Slobberbone, the album marks the solo debut of Brent Best.  It would only be fitting to revisit the beginning of the Slobberbone catalog.  There are many fine tracks off of Crow Pot Pie that […]

The Power Trio: 4th Of July Edition


Ahhh… the 4th of July.  It’s time for hot dogs, american pie, fireworks… and local music.  Hey, Dallas is in Texas, and we haven’t seceded from the U.S.A., which means going to see local music is still 100% All-American!  There’s more great shows than the three I’m spotlighting here.  To see all my show picks, […]

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