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Take Two: Handing You the Keys to the...

Car salesman handing car keys to man in showroom, close-up

I tried this about a month ago, with limited success.  This time, I’ve changed things up a bit.  No longer will I be asking you to select songs and write about them.  I’ll do the writing, and I’m even selecting the candidates for which songs will be on the playlist.  I sorted through eighty of […]

The Ghosty Awards: or If I Was King o...


Last week, I received an email from Jeff Gage of the Dallas Observer, letting me know it was time to send in nominations for this year’s Dallas Observer Music Awards.  I’ve been given the privilege to be on the nominating committee since 2008, and making these decisions is never easy. One factor that makes this […]

The Halfway Mark

The Halfway Mark

Now that the end of June is upon us, this would be a good time to reflect upon the releases that have helped define 2015 so far.  I can honestly say that this year is poised to be the strongest year for local releases in about six years.  I like to do a Top 40 […]

The Power Trio: Weekend of 6/19-6/21

The Power Trio: Weekend of 6/19-6/21

First of all, I hope you’ve been making good use of the calendar on this site.  I extensively research venue websites, band websites, and Facebook invites in order to provide you a comprehensive list of quality local shows.  It would be exhausting for me to write about each and every show.  Still, some shows are […]

Some Dandy News for The Orange

sharing vitamins

Back in 2007, I discovered this band through MySpace called The Orange.  Upon first listen, I was automatically intrigued by the band, and decided that their music needed to be shared with Ghost of Blind Lemon readers (you can read the article here).  A lot has changed within the band in the nearly eight years […]

Sunday Soundcloud Sixteen

sanyo cassette

I got a little bored tonight, so I decided to make y’all a playlist.  You don’t mind, do you?  I call it the Sunday Soundcloud Sixteen because, well, it’s Sunday, I made it on Soundcloud, and there are sixteen songs.  That, and as you might have guessed, I like alliteration. Masego + Medasin, “Shut Up […]

Ticket Giveaway for The Orange


When trying to bring people in for reading the newly revamped GOBL site, bribery would seem like a very useful tool.  The kind folks at Granada Theater have given me two pairs of tickets to give away for The Orange’s show on Saturday, June 20th.  Let me just say that I have been excited about […]

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