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On the 5th Day of Christmas, GOBL Gav...


Five, as in Dezi 5! It seems that lately, the name Dezi 5 is pretty darn close to inescapable.  He’s been getting lots of positive media coverage, and there’s a reason for that.  The tunes on his EP, Crucifixion on the Dance Floor, are absolutely delicious bits of dance-pop sure to get people moving on the […]

The Full List of Ghosty Winners

The 1st Annual Ghosty Awards

First of all, I have so many thank you’s to give, as there are so many people who helped make last night something very special.  Thanks to the entire staff at The Underpass for being gracious and wonderful hosts, and for making sure everything went smoothly.  Obviously, I have to thank the musicians.  Camille Schuh, […]

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