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The Top 101 Songs of 2020


For those who missed it, last night’s Top 20+20 Countdown of 2020 was quite the celebration, and that was especially true for those who were a part of the broadcast. The Ghost is so grateful for everyone’s participation in the event, as well as the donations received to help Deep Ellum Radio with its operating […]

The Top 20+20 of 2020

Top 40 Collage 2020 final

In addition to spending far too many hours compiling and ranking my list of favorite songs of 2020, I also spent way too much time creating this collage poster to promote my Top 20+20 countdown. If you haven’t heard about it yet, The Ghost will be broadcasting live on Deep Ellum Radio this Wednesday, beginning […]

The Top Songs of 2020: #50-41


Previously, on the Ghost of Blind Lemon Blog: Songs #101-81 Songs #80-71 Songs #70-61 Songs #60-51 Yeah, that “Previously on…” introduction works so much better on screen with a voiceover than in print. In today’s photo, I pay tribute to Tradewinds Social Club, which had remained open for over fifty years before falling financial victim […]

Top Songs of 2020: #60-51

Highland Park 2020

If you want recaps, you can go back and visit the following sections of the countdown: Songs #101-81 Songs #80-71 Songs #70-61 On this Christmas Eve, we shall wrap up the bottom end of the countdown. And for today’s photo, instead of honoring a bar or music venue that shut its doors permanent, The Ghost […]

The Top Songs of 2020: 70-61

Blue Light Dallas 2020
R.I.P. The Blue Light (2018-2020)

So, let’s just do a quick review. Monday, The Ghost revealed songs #101-81, then yesterday songs #80-71 were shared. What to do today? Hmm… let me review my list of numbers. Ah, okay, so #70-61 on the countdown it is. Upsetting, “Donnie” Sunbuzzed, “Sci-Fi-Hi” Siamese Hips, “Analysis Paralysis” Joshua Ray Walker, “Cupboard” Simone Nicole, “Tangerine” […]

The Top Songs of 2020: #80-71

Lizard Lounge 2020

There’s nothing like a good countdown to get readers excited, you know? The Ghost is bringing you the next ten songs on the countdown, and I am paying tribute to another venue that Dallas lost this year. Today’s selection is the iconic Lizard Lounge. While Lizard Lounge may not have been as much a traditional […]

The Top 101 Songs of 2020: #101-81

Foundry 2020

When people look back on the year 2020, most of what will come to mind is the pandemic, as well as financial and emotional loss, not to mention the psychological effects of social distancing.  Yes, this has been a rough year, and our music community was most definitely hit hard by the events of 2020.  […]

The Ghosts Hearing Is 2020

GOBL Eye Chart

That’s right: my hearing is 20/20 and I’m seeing things loud and clear.  I know that statement doesn’t make much sense, but hey, neither has anything else this year. But for all the awfulness that has been in overabundance this year, music has been one of the few saving graces of this year.  In spite […]

Monday Mixteen: 11/2/2020

Monday Mixteen VOTE

Keeping the message simple and straight to the point with this Monday Mixteen. “Voices”, Sevit “Ode to England”, Shawnee Kilgore “Then You Met Me”, The Deathray Davies “Easy St.”, The Texas Gentlemen “Volcano”, Sarah Johnson “Odd Odyssey”, Caved Mountains “These Modern Times”, Garrett Owen “Eye of the Needle”, Upsetting “Vanishing”, Kyoto Lo-Fi “Ol’ Chains Romance”, […]

Monday Mixteen: 8/24/2020

Monday Mixteen 20200824

While the anniversary of the blog happened at the beginning of the month, tomorrow is the actual birthday for the man behind The Ghost.  The usual celebrations involving live music and large crowds will obviously not occur this year.  That means I have to be the one to create the party, so to speak.  This […]

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